To valuate your business and your Intellectual

PropertyValuation is considered as one of the most critical areas in finance; it plays a key role in many areas of finance such as buy/sell, solvency, merger and acquisition.

The valuation of a company is the major part of any transaction puzzle. It is a vital benchmark for sellers and buyers alike. If it is not done accurately, sellers may undervalue their company, placing their expectations too low, losing money in the transaction.

An over-valuation raises expectations that are far too high, and buyers lose trust in the prospect and reject the planned acquisition. This can be avoided when obtaining a sound valuation from valuation experts that know how to do that professionally.

CBA’s valuation experts will not only value your company, but will also provide you with the necessary visuals to show light were it should be bright. They find a pearl in every shell. This really is key.

Furthermore, intellectual property (IP) valuation is considered as one of the most important management strategic issues. Intellectual property derives its value from a wide range of significant parameters such as market share, barriers to entry, legal protection, IP’s profitability, industrial and economic factors, growth projections, remaining economic life, and new technologies.

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