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Dr. John Christopher Griffin

Mergers and Acquisitions Adviser

Profession: Wealth and Asset Management

Location Main Office: City // Budapest | Country // Hungary

Professional Expertise:
AML/KYC, Asset management, Business cases analysis, Business development, Business intelligence, Business process improvement, Due diligence, Feasibility studies, Financial advisory, Geopolitics, International finance, International financial management, Logistics, Macroeconomics, Management consulting, Market analysis, Offshore / cross-border structuring, Portfolio development, Portfolio management, Private banking, Project coordination, Project delivery, Project finance, Project management, Risk management, Security, Security analysis, Strategic development, Wealth management

Experience in Industries, Products & Services:
Aerospace, Agriculture, Defence and security, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT, Oil and gas, Pharmaceuticals, Philanthropy, Real Estate, Renewable energy

CV Résumé

Dr. Christopher Griffin has over twenty years of combined military, government and private sector work experience encompassing international finance, economics, analysis, acquisitions, procurement, proposal management, program/project management, and program/project development.

Working with some of the largest financial institutions, governments, and investors has given him global experience and the ability to develop individualized strategies for sustained success.

Following military service, Mr. Griffin worked with several defense firms, focusing on requirements across government and industry. Often these requirements entailed the development of complex solutions to unique international efforts with geopolitical significance. Mr. Griffin supported proposal development, capture planning, M&A, as well as long-term corporate development. He also supported numerous investment funds and financial institutions by providing geopolitical risk analysis to inform their future investment strategies.

Leveraging his robust network of global relationships Mr. Griffin has worked with governments at the ministerial level, NGOs, and private industry to identify, develop, mange, and fund large-scale investment programs. His competencies include the development of long-range program plans, due diligence, risk management, identification of and engagement with subcontractors and suppliers, investment development, funds management and disbursement, and overarching administration of implementation.

Since 2009, Mr. Griffin has been working exclusively in global finance, focusing on initiatives in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa, developing a client network of over five hundred ultra/high net worth individuals, family offices, philanthropists, and foundations globally, while also obtaining numerous financial certifications and charters concentrating on wealth and investment management.

Education in brief:
Mr. Griffin has attained multiple degrees and diplomas from universities in the US and Europe encompassing business, investment, finance, government, macroeconomics, international acquisitions, and national security.

Other Training includes:
Professional certificates and charters involving Wealth Management, Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Counter Threat Finance, Islamic Finance, Anti Money Laundering, Due Diligence, Systems Acquisition Management, International Acquisition, Technology Security/Transfer, Acquisition Funds Management, Cost Analysis, Acquisition Law, and Integrated Acquisition.

Mr. Griffin joined CBA as M&A Adviser in Budapest, Hungary in May 2018.

Professional Achievements
Degree: PhD in Comparative Government, Master of Arts in Security Studies, Certificate, Investment Management; Certificate, Business and Financial Modelling

Evaluated over 300 investments on four continents with a total value of USD 7 billion;
Expanded a firm's geographic presence from Budapest, Hungary to Africa and the USA as well as opened partner offices in SE Asia, Central Asia, and Western Europe;
Created over USD 20 million in new business opportunities through M&A, doubling a company’s preexisting revenue, and expanded the company's footprint to 15 countries on three continents, mainly through the creation of financial service products

Years in Advisory: 21

Accompanied & accomplished deals: 72

Total Transaction Volume: EUR 4,230,000,000

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