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Inamullah Ansari

Consulting Professional

Profession: Digital Inclusivity Advocate.

Location Main Office: City // Pakistan. | Country // Pakistan

Professional Expertise:
ADR, Advocate High Courts, Business and tax services, Business training and development, Compliance management, Corporate advisory services and strategic solutions, Corporate tax compliance and outsourcing, Digital commerce innovation, Digital experience innovator, Digital governance, Digital strategy and conception of new sales channels, Digital transformation, Education consulting, Enterprise risk management, Holistic support of cross-border business ventures, Immigration law and services, Mediation services, Sales and distribution, Strategy on tax litigation, Tax and accountancy, Taxation management, Tax audit, Tax compliance, Tax strategy and benefits, Transaction tax advisory

Experience in Industries, Products & Services:
Digital economy, Digital transformation, Direct tax regulatory, Distribution, Freight/reverse logistics forwarding chains, Indirect tax, M & A, Marketing and sales, Personal taxation, Real estate/commercial, Regulatory matters, Sale agreements, Shipping, Structured finance, Supply-, freight-, reverse logistics chains, Supply chain, Sustainability and environmental technology, Wholesale distributors

CV Résumé

Elevator Pitch!
Diversity & Inclusion are a Company's mission, strategies & practices to support a diverse workplace & leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage.

Leading technology platform & streamlined legal framework enables a diverse network of global participants, including major corporations, banks, institutional investors & insurance providers, to transact more effectively!

Professional Experiences & Affiliations!
An Industrious Man Of An Even Temper Every Now & Then Maintaining 26 Years Of Academic Brilliance & Learning Avenues Experiences That Includes But Not Limited To Optimizing Brains Studying Attitudes & Mapping Violence.

Australian Government Registered Academics & Pracademics Polytechnic Adult Continuing Vocational Education & Training (VET) An Overall Delivery Style Of Learning & Teaching Designed To Promote Student Persistence & Retention | Skilled Assessments & PR VISA Solutions | Migration Agents!

Australian Owned Entities Intermediaries & Mediators Vice Versa Having Substantial Interests To Control Linguistics Diversified Business Segments Levels Exploring Student Recruitment Channels & Converting Them Through The Enrollment Process To Arrival On-Campus & Successfully Past Census Dynamics b/w Relations In Todays Connected World, Where There Is A Disconnect In The Interaction Within Immediate Families While Working In An Age That Is Particularly Enamored With Capturing Ideas In 140 Characters Or Less & When A Troubled Economy Forced To Cut.

A Conscious Intellectual Having Quite A Diversicare Commoditizing Gesture & Widgets Intertwined Intertextual Undertakings/Offerings Architectures Conspicuous Immensely Bound To Leverage Everyone Delivering Semiotic Structured & Sustained Attentive Intention Embodied Higher-level Cognitive Sciences Integration In Order To Have A Common Uniform Understanding In b/w.

Overseas Pakistanis Cell, Structured Foundation For Expats A Native & Cross-Platform Integrated State-of-The Arbitration Attorney-Client Privilege Board of Disciplinary & Grievances Wing That Wins Statutory Draft Code of Practice to Empower Digital Natives. Dedicated Member of a Professional Body that has a Royal Charter "A Turnkey Life Cycle Platform" Legally Autonomous & it’s the Federation included Sixteen Sovereign Republics.

Each Domain Has Its Own Distinct, Organized & Well Settled Nomenclature Incorporated Into Inevitably Innovative Designs For Boundaryless IT Flow. Truly Has An Entrepreneurial Bent By Insisting That Everyone Goes On An Idea From The Back Of A Napkin To A Commercial Ventures.

Our Corporate Culture Is Built On Triadic Relationships Where Communication Is Transparent & There Is More Space To Focus On Common Growth, Instead Of Egotistic Pursuits Perfectly Blended Learning Solutions Punctuated Equilibrium Role Model Organization Into Solidly Built Web Of Trust, Where Scalability Is Easy, Almost Inevitable & The Model Of Change.

Our First Entrepreneurial Foray Was Cozy Organic Medical Supervised Substance Abuse Detox & Rehabs!

Modus Operandi!
Digital Transformers | Technology Synchronizers & Due Diligence Consultants | Business & IT Service Providers | Enterprises Risk & Information Management!

Sustaining Custom Applications Development | Business Processes & Management Consulting | Infrastructure | Mergers & Takeover Advisers | Training Simulators Operating In The Intersection Of Technology & Business Strategic Consulting Services.

These Entrepreneurs Are Giving Legal A Digital Makeover!
Running A Business Is Anyways No Cakewalk & What Adds To Is The Great Legal Mess. So Our 'Law-Preneurs' Are Clearing It Up.

"Most Organizations Already Possess The Information & The Knowledge To Move To The Next Level. They Just Need To Find It & Organize It; We Help Them Do That."

Our Legalpreneurs Are Using Their Experiences To Tackle Problems Associated With Time-Keeping, Transaction Management, Due Diligence & Contract Review.

Most Lawyers Aren’t Programmed To Make Great Entrepreneurs. Apart From Being Problem Solvers, The Mindset Of A Legal Practitioner Is Not Typically Conducive To Entrepreneurship. A Huge Mental Nay Paradigm Shift Is Required To View Legal Services In An Innovative Light. Lawyers Are Inherently Perfectionists, Highly Risk-Adverse, Precedent Focused, Confidential & In Need Of Control. These Are Essential Lawyer Traits Possessed By Even Our Newest Generation Of Practitioners. However, These Can Also Serve As The Biggest Barriers To Collaboration, Diversity & Value-Added The Essential Traits Of The Legalpreneur & Perhaps The Keystones Of A New Era Of Legal Practitioners.

Entrepreneur Pakistan Offers An Elective Where Design, Build & Release An App Providing A Myriad Of Legal Services To Its Users. As Technology Begins To Better Facilitate Access To Justice, Skills Such As These Are Invaluable For Lawyers.

Entrepreneur Pakistan Follows Suit In Acknowledging The Intersection Between Law & Technology With Their Information Technology Law & Cyber Law Electives.

Entrepreneur Pakistan Are Leader In The Profession With Regard To Advanced Technology & We Are Committed To Using These Tools To Provide Added Value To Our Clients. The Firm Is Launched A Comprehensive Program To Enhance Our Use Of System That Improves Efficiency & Client Service. As Part Of This Program, We Are Creating A Web-Based Access To Our Clients For Their Cases Updates Through Secure Login. The Firm In This Position Is Dedicated To Enhancing Client Relationships Through Technology Solution.

However, Whenever, Wherever & Forever You Are Awesome To Contact For Any Assistance As We Teach People What We Most Need To Learn As “We Live & Learn @ Any Rate, We Live; We Live In An Age Where We’re Drowning In Information & Starving For Wisdom”.

We Already Live In A World Which Evolution, Global Warming & Basic Statistics Are Doubted & People's Lack Of Knowledge About Other Cultures & Our Own Government Is Used To Manipulate Them.

The More You Learn, You Learn That You Still Have A Lot To Learn, So "Never Stop Learning, Because Life Never Stops Teaching".

“If You Are Planning For A Year, Sow Rice; If You Are Planning For A Decade, Plant Trees; If You Are Planning For A Lifetime, EDUCATE PEOPLE”!

"It Won’t Cost You A Penny During Your Lifetime, But Leaving A Legacy In Your Will Allows You To Pass On The Gift Of Education To Others".


Inamullah Ansari
Advocate High Courts.
Roaming Ambassador.
BackChannel Diplomat.
Director Pakistan KFF Australia.
Adjunct Faculty Correspondent.
Mediated Reality & Resolutions Execution Affiliate.
Business & Legal Adviser CBA Wiesbaden Germany.
DHA Execution & Mediated Resolutions Interventionist.
Chief Correspondent & Corporate Counsel @ PAKandUAElawyers.Com.

Professional Suites!


Executing Very Specific Project-based Creative Endeavors For The Present Tense!
"Mental Health Pakistan"
(Karachi | Multan | Lahore | Islamabad)!

Instant Intelligence For Your Wisdom!
Addiction & Mental Illness Touches Every One.
"Alcohol Becoming An Equal Opportunity Destroyer".
Mental Health Emergency & Human Resilience Attorneys!
A Man Takes A Drink, The Drink Takes Another & The Drink Takes The Man.
Spread The Word “Addiction — A Chronic Relapsing Brain & Family Disease”
“Addiction Is Anything We Continue To Do Despite Negative Consequences; Besides Drugs & Alcohol, These Can Include Work, Food, Sex, Exercise, Parenting Or Even Cleaning”.

Accredited MINDS — Optimizing BRAINS!
Studying Attitudes & Mapping Violence For The Present Tense!

Structured Counseling & Forensic Mental illness Civil & Criminological Disorders Law Courts Family Inclusive Interventions In Lieu Of Convictions | Standing Counsels @ Treatment & Rehabilitation Centres For Victims Of Torture!

Consultants Interventionists Clinics!

Google Maps Karachi Lawyers & Corporate Counselors!

Corporate | Conveyancing | Counseling | Communication!
PTCL Landline (021) 34170412.
WhatsApp +923002176393 (Pakistan)!
WhatsApp (+61) 468877647 (Australia)!

"Promoting Education Technology & Excellence With Students @ Our Forefront".

Promoting Virtual Reality Interventions & Sustaining Excellence Across Forensics Spectrum.

Your Performance & Reorientation Relatives Encourages Continuous Improvement Through Education & Advocacy!

Languages spoken: Urdu, English

Professional Achievements
Degree: Bachelors in Law, Masters in Economics, Masters in Geology

Professional Affiliations, Outreaches, Collaborations & Reciprocal Referral Relations For Clienteles Corporate Sectors!
*, Digital Inclusion Initiatives Advocate For Digital Equity.

Director VISA | Immigration / Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs @ Aussie-Link Visa Services, Sydney 2200 NSW Australia.

Director International Student Recruitment & Staffing Solutions | Admissions & Diversity @ Aussie-Link Visa Services, Sydney 2200 NSW Australia.

Audit & Compliance Associate Director | Integrated CRICOS RTO Vocational Education & Training Development Coordinator @ Austech Business Institute - RTO. Arncliffe NSW 2205 Australia., Empower & Mentoring The Next Generation Through Global Virtual Incubators!

Years in Advisory: 27

Personal Achievements

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