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Inamullah Ansari
Consulting Professional

Profession: Digital Inclusivity & LPO Advocate.

Location Main Office: City // Pakistan. | Country // Pakistan

Professional Expertise:
ADR, Advocate High Courts, Business and tax services, Business training and development, Compliance management, Corporate advisory services and strategic solutions, Corporate tax compliance and outsourcing, Digital commerce innovation, Digital experience innovator, Digital governance, Digital strategy and conception of new sales channels, Digital transformation, Education consulting, Enterprise risk management, Holistic support of cross-border business ventures, Immigration law and services, Mediation services, Sales and distribution, Strategy on tax litigation, Tax and accountancy, Taxation management, Tax audit, Tax compliance, Tax strategy and benefits, Transaction tax advisory

Experience in Industries, Products & Services:
Digital economy, Digital transformation, Direct tax regulatory, Distribution, Freight/reverse logistics forwarding chains, Indirect tax, M & A, Marketing and sales, Personal taxation, Real estate/commercial, Regulatory matters, Sale agreements, Shipping, Structured finance, Supply-, freight-, reverse logistics chains, Supply chain, Sustainability and environmental technology, Wholesale distributors

CV Résumé

Elevator Pitch!
Diversity and Inclusion is a Company's mission, strategies and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage.

Leading technology platform and streamlined legal framework enables a diverse network of global participants, including major corporations, banks, institutional investors and insurance providers, to transact more effectively!

Professional Experiences and Affiliations!
Legal & Business Process Outsourcing – Now Just Part of the Corporates Landscape! Analyzing & Managing Prospectives!

The legal process outsourcing business is stretching across boundaries due to upgraded technology and seamless communication channels. Besides, there are cost, time and efficiency benefits that amplify its requirement.

Legal process outsourcing is a kind of virtual assistance for offshore attorneys, law firms and lawyers. It is coming up front due to pervasive common law practices across many continents. Basically, this outsourcing outperforms in these domains:
• Library services
• Support services
• Managerial projects
• Legal research & analysis

Top Advantages of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)
• Flexibility
• Cost Savings
• Access to External Talent
• It's Not Just for Big Firms
• Reduced Turnaround Time

This process is one of the incidents of the larger movement towards outsourcing. The most commonly offered services have been agency work, document review, legal research, writing, drafting of pleadings, briefs, and patent services.

Our Future Focused Law Firm - How Technology is Supporting the Shift to Remote Work!
The future-focused law firm can reap immediate benefits from artificial intelligence (AI) & automation technologies — namely, time saved, increased productivity, enhanced attorney satisfaction & ultimately growth.

Cumbersome, bloated project teams, expensive in-person meetings, traditional ways of managing workflows & documents are no longer practical, let alone possible.
As digital transformation takes on new meaning & urgency, what can your firm do to get ahead of the curve & thrive?
• What improvements you will see in operations
• How to go about technology adoption in a thoughtful way
• Checklist to help guide you through the vendor selection process
• Immediate advantages your firm gains from AI & automation technology adoption

Many law firms outsource functions such as IT and accounting support regularly and have done so for many years. Since the mid-1990s there has been an increase in the outsourcing (including offshoring) of other support functions such as legal secretarial work and paralegal duties.

The outsourcing of secretarial, typing and clerical processes did not grow rapidly at first. There was an understandable reluctance on the part of practitioners who had
concerns about the technology which had to be utilized and they also needed to be satisfied that the work would be carried out economically, confidentially and ethically and that the service was being provided with the requisite level of quality. Outsourcing and offshoring of secretarial, typing and clerical processes are now commonplace.

If you’re hesitant to hire a legal administrative company, think about it this way: lawyers with a sustainable work-life balance (preferably no more than 45-50 hours per week) are more productive, happy, and eager to achieve goals.

Detail researched compiled a list of legal administrative service companies in locations across the country. Look through them and do research of your own; then seriously consider hiring one of them to help you keep your employees happy and productive.

Administrative tasks to outsource may include:
• Marketing
• Deposition
• Case Filing
• Accounting
• Bookkeeping
• Due Diligence
• Debt Recovery
• Billing Verification
• Human Resources
• Office Management
• Calendar Management
• Database Maintenance
• Document Management
• Mail & Print Center Operation
• Logistics & Supply Chain Assistance
• Transferring information b/w software
• Recording & summarizing time entries
• Financial Procedures / Strategy & Administrative Support.
• e-Discovery & ESI processing services (Electronically Stored Information (ESI) refers to all the information stored on computers & other digital storage services!

IT Services
We’ve all been there – the server or WiFi goes down in the office. No matter how many times you turn the router off & back on, it doesn’t return. You call the IT guy in your building, but they have four other offices to attend to before yours. So now you have to wait two to three hours before being able to work.

That’s a whole lot of inefficiency. To cut down on waste, consider outsourcing an IT service provider, also known as an ALSP (alternative legal services provider). An
outsourcing agreement will establish professional & comprehensive support of the IT-related issues & tasks in your law firm, cutting down on your time away from clients & growing your firm.

Following the Planning & Budgeting survey, 58% of solo attorneys said that they did not budget for technology; 40% of small law firms (two to nine attorneys) didn’t either & 13% didn’t know.

We even have technological wizardry available 24/7. That’s better than waiting around for three hours for someone to come to your office. An outsourced ALSP can provide security solutions & antivirus protection, website, email hosting, domain management, desktop support for the glitches & errors that inevitably appear.

Outsourcing IT services also makes economic sense. You’ll avoid the cost of having an in-house IT department but maintain the ease of having technology professionals nearby! Well, maybe not nearby, but within calling, texting or emailing distance.

Below are some legal IT service making marks across!
• IT Management Consulting & Cloud Solutions.
• Disaster Recovery, Network Monitoring Management, Hardware & Software Procurement, Server & Workstation Management Services.
• Compliance Consulting, Cybersecurity, IT Assessments, Mobile Device Management, Cloud Strategy Consulting, Migration, Workflow & Process Mapping Services.

Legal Research & Writing!
As an Attorney, we are governed by the law, but you are also governed by deadlines. Whether they are set by Statute, Court Rule or Judicial Fiat, you have a limited amount of time to conduct extensive research & write briefs.

Associates spend nearly a third of their time – about 15 hours per week – conducting legal research. For newer associates, that number is even higher – 35% of their work per week is spent on legal research.

You shouldn’t sacrifice your or your employee’s mental wellbeing for a task that’s easily outsourced. Hiring us to conduct your legal research & brief writing will help you & your employees avoid burnout, unnecessary stress & general unhappiness related to overwork.

You may be reluctant to pay for a third party’s work, but doing so can actually cut costs — you won’t need to hire new staff to take on the burden of research writing & you’ll be able to focus on billable hours instead of time-consuming, non-billable tasks.

If you’ve relied solely on yourself or your employees to conduct legal research & brief writing, you may have trouble knowing when to seek help & outsource the work. If you find that you are doing more paralegal or clerical work on your files & you do not have time to draft the motions or documents your clients have requested, you need us to help.

If you find you are answering too many unsolicited phone calls from people who want free legal advice & it is distracting you from your work, you need us again to help.

Although legal outsourcing is largely beneficial for businesses of any size, you may find that your firm simply doesn’t have the capital to move forward with that decision yet.

Corporate | Conveyancing | Counseling | Communication!
PTCL Landline (021) 34170412.
WhatsApp +923002176393 (Pakistan)!
WhatsApp (+61) 468877647 (Australia)!

"Promoting Education Technology and Excellence With Students @ Our Forefront".

Promoting Virtual Reality Interventions and Sustaining Excellence Across Forensics Spectrum.

Your Performance and Reorientation Relatives Encourages Continuous Improvement Through Education and Advocacy!

Languages spoken: Urdu, English

Professional Achievements
Degree: Bachelors in Law, Masters in Economics, Masters in Geology

Digital Inclusion Initiatives Advocate For Digital Equity.

Director VISA | Immigration / Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs @ Aussie-Link Visa Services, Sydney 2200 NSW Australia.

Director International Student Recruitment & Staffing Solutions | Admissions & Diversity @ Aussie-Link Visa Services, Sydney 2200 NSW Australia.

Audit & Compliance Associate Director | Integrated CRICOS RTO Vocational Education & Training Development Coordinator @ Austech Business Institute - RTO. Arncliffe NSW 2205 Australia.

Years in Advisory: 27

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