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Inamullah Ansari

Consulting Professional

Profession: Director Operations @ Khair For Families Australia |Director VISA | Immigration / Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs @ Aussie-Link Visa Services, Sydney NSW Australia | Director International Student Recruitment & Staffing Solutions | Admissions & Diversity @ Aussie-Link Visa Services, Sydney NSW Australia | Audit & Compliance Associate Director | Integrated CRICOS RTO Vocational Education & Training Development Coordinator @ Austech Business Institute - RTO. Arncliffe NSW Australia.

Location Main Office: City // Australia & Pakistan. | Country // Pakistan

Professional Expertise:
ADR, Advocate High Courts, Taxation management, Business and tax services, Business training and development, Compliance management, Corporate advisory services and strategic solutions, Corporate tax compliance and outsourcing, Education consulting, Enterprise risk management, Holistic support of cross-border business ventures, Immigration law and services, Mediation services, Sales and distribution, Strategy on tax litigation, Tax and accountancy, Tax audit, Tax compliance, Tax strategy and benefits, Transaction tax advisory

Experience in Industries, Products & Services:
Direct tax regulatory, Distribution, Freight/reverse logistics forwarding chains, Indirect tax, M & A, Marketing and sales, Personal taxation, Real estate/commercial, Regulatory matters, Sale agreements, Shipping, Structured finance, Supply-, freight-, reverse logistics chains, Supply chain, Sustainability and environmental technology, Wholesale distributors

CV Résumé

Australian Academics & Pracademics (Admissions & Cross-institution Enrolments | Skill & Qualification Assessments) | VET / ELICOS Courses & Industry Recognised Providers | CRICOS RTO Owners & Operators / Integrated Trainers & Development Professionals Assessors | VISA Services / Nomination & Employer-Sponsored VISA Solutions | VISA Extensions & Immigration Consultants.

Admissions & Cross-institution Enrolments | Skill & Qualification Assessments | Translating & Interpreting Services | Training & Mentoring Practices | State Nomination & Employer-Sponsored VISA Solutions | VISA & Extensions Services | Immigration.

Elevator Pitch!
An Australian Programs — A Tenure Track Learning Faculty!
Technology Industry Specialists Mentoring Apprenticeships & Traineeships!
Student & Educational Technology Recruitment | Strategic & Project Partners | Transitional Leadership & Management Consulting!
Practicing Academics & Pracademics (An Overall Delivery Style Of Learning & Teaching Designed To Promote Student Persistence & Retention)!

Academic Consulting!
Pre-Comps Mentoring | Research Plan/Proposal Mentoring | Dissertations!
We have a team of credentialed professionals who bring years of experience to the task of ethically satisfying your all academic needs. We aim to deliver your polished project on time & within a budget.

Modus Operandi!
Commonwealth Register of Institutions & Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) | English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) | Vocational Education & Technology Training Industrialists (Accredited VET Experts) | Implementation Specialists | Assessment Providers Where Documents You Can Customise & Contextualise With Ease!

Registered Training Organization (RTO) A Joint Initiative Of The Australians, The States & The Territory Governments Flagship (Learning Pyramids & Knowledge Retention Technologies Pathways Instead Of Jumping Straight Into University)! Paid Employment Under An Appropriate Industrial Arrangements, Structured On-The-Job Training Trade Certificates & etc.

Vocational Education is a form of teaching culture focused on direct & practical training for a specific trade or craft. Instructional Designers To Develop Complete Storyboard Along With The Assessment / Test For Training Modules In The Compliance Domain.

Providing Structured Alternatives To Traditional Learning To Meet The Individuals. Experienced In All Delivery Modes In The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), Including English In The Workplace.

RTO Qualifications!
• Diploma
• Advanced Diploma
• Certificates I, II, III & IV
• Vocational Graduate Diploma
• Vocational Graduate Certificate

RTO & CRICOS Services!
• Course Accreditation
• Registration – Starting Up Your Own
• Management & Extensions Of Scope
• Audit Health Checks, Preparation & Rectification
• Policies, Procedures, Training & Assessment Resource Writing
• Validation – Designed To Assist Evidence Compliance Advise & Support

Regulating Offshore Delivery Of VET!
Australia’s International Vocational Education & Training (VET) Is Estimated To Represent Third Largest Export Industry While The Majority Of Overseas Students Volume Of VET Delivery To Offshore Students Has Grown Significantly Over The Past Decade.

Student Rights Attorneys!
Director Australia & Counterpart Educationist | Career Counselor | Adjunct Faculty Correspondent | Back Channel Diplomat | Student Debts Default & Delinquency Rehabilitation Management & Direct Loans Consolidation Lawyers. Director Of International Student Recruitment Marketing | Lead Education & Community Partnership Officer | Corporate Curriculum & Textbooks Board Ambassador.

Getting Help From Credit Counsellors! Students Loan Debts Recovery Consultants Incorporated!
We are established Current & Former Student Affairs Consultancy Firm firmly recovered full Cost Billing, Refunds, Collection & Write-Offs for Tuition, Fees, Rentals & Other Charges OR Compulsory Ancillary Fees are Billed to the Student Each Academic Year @ the same time as Tuition is Billed. This includes Monies Owed in respect of Tuition, Accommodation, Assessment, Graduation, Library & Other Miscellaneous Fees & Charges.

One Of The Nation’s (including Sister-States) Leading Experts On Student Debt / Loan Borrowers!
Your One-Stop Global Micro-Niche Boutique For Prompt, Professional & Ethical International Debt!

Aggravating & Mitigating Circumstances & Quantum Of Sentences Lawyers | Structured Family Inclusive Intervention In Lieu Of Conviction | Student Loan Repayment Dispute & Servicing Assistance | Hardships & Default Management / Litigation & Lawsuit Defenses!

Submitting An Offer In Compromise!
Colleges & Universities don’t typically settle on outstanding balances the way other creditors might such as credit cards or medical debts. Your institution may, however, entertain an offer in compromise when accompanied by mitigating circumstances.

Our advisory group will take an in-depth look at all aspects of student loan debt collection, from what happens at a school to what happens as debt collection proceeds, to help make sure practices are thorough, transparent & fair!

The group will specifically examine, “the uniformity of university policies, fees & penalties regarding unpaid accounts; whether students are being adequately educated regarding all responsibilities when taking student loans; the university certification process for student debt accounts & student debt collection and litigation processes within the Attorney General's Office.”

Onward & Upward,

Resident Faculty Member,

Compliance Associate Director!

Director KFF Australia (Since-2011).
VET Bureaucrat & Advocate | Quality Auditor
Vocational Education & Training Industry Experts
Registered Migration Agents Registration Authority.
Director International Student Recruitment & Staffing Solutions | Admissions & Diversity & Director VISA | Immigration / Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs @ Aussie-Link Visa Services, Sydney 2200 NSW Australia AND Audit & Compliance Associate Director | Integrated CRICOS RTO Vocational Education & Training Development Coordinator! Austech Business Institute - RTO. Arncliffe NSW 2205 Australia.

ACECQA assessed ECT qualifications
Strong knowledge of the EYLF & NQS

Our initial assessment of case comprises of the following!
• A complete VISA Pathways.
• A thorough & up to date research against all Australian visas.

A highly personalized Written Assessment including Advise regarding!
• Point Score for PR VISA
• How to increase your score
• Assigning the most suitable Occupation
• Defined tasks at work & Availability of Occupation.
• Relevant Skill Assessing Authority IELTS/PTE Required Score

Our initial assessment provides with a clear & complete picture regarding the likelihood of getting an Australian VISA. Moreover, with our expertise, we know the differences in the law & the Australian government's policies for various countries hence are able to provide you with all the pro & cons of applying for a certain visa including the nature of the documents to be provided that is most relevant.

We certainly provide excellent professional services & up to date professional advise, in this connection please note that we do Not extract information from the Department of Home Affairs website that can be old & redundant in some instances. Instead, we access the latest laws & policies directly hence keeping abreast with all the changes happening within the realm of immigration.

Languages spoken: Urdu, English

Professional Achievements
Degree: Bachelors in Law, Masters in Economics, Masters in Geology

Professional Affiliations, Outreaches, Collaborations & Reciprocal Referral Relations For Clienteles Corporate Sectors!
Khair For Families (Director, Pakistan; KFF - Australia, Since 2011. ACN: 161 470 186; ABN: 37 161 470 186. Securities & Investments Commission. Public Company, Limited by Guarantee; Registered Office @ Auburn New South Wales (NSW) 2144; Australia., Director VISA | Immigration / Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs @ Aussie-Link Visa Services, Sydney 2200 NSW Australia.

Director International Student Recruitment & Staffing Solutions | Admissions & Diversity @ Aussie-Link Visa Services, Sydney 2200 NSW Australia.

Audit & Compliance Associate Director | Integrated CRICOS RTO Vocational Education & Training Development Coordinator @ Austech Business Institute - RTO. Arncliffe NSW 2205 Australia.

Years in Advisory: 25

Personal Achievements

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