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Executive Search & Recruitment

Worldwide recruiting services to corporate businesses and financial institutions

As distinctive global network of M&A and cross-border operators, it was just a question of time for CBA to add Executive Search and Recruitment to its business services. With its current presence in 95 countries, CBA is predestined to provide excellent global executive recruitment. We have recruited a partner as worldwide recruitment expert with 30 years of experience and an impressive track record.

CBA for Executive Search Services across all countries and industries

CBA provides professional executive search and headhunting services across most sectors. Offers its clients years of experience, and is therefore well placed to advise them on the best methods to approach recruitment projects.

The main sectors are:

  • Engineering

  • Environment

  • Financial

  • FMCG

  • Industry

  • Legal

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Service Industries

  • Technology & Telecommunications

Specialisation per Function

CBA provides recruitment services for executive and top management positions at all levels.

  • C-level

  • Engineering

  • Financial executives

  • Human Resources executives

  • Industrial executives

  • Legal executives

  • Operations executives

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Technology executives

Successfully meeting your recruitment needs is our biggest priority when it comes to the best hiring practices. We hunt for suitable candidates using direct search techniques and are therefore able to select and present the very best and only those who are genuinely interested in being part of your organisation.

We utilise our in-depth experience of different markets to ensure a smooth and trouble-free recruitment process, assisting clients from selection through to successful placement and beyond.

Filling business critical positions regardless whether top management or specialist positions has a lasting impact on your business and its successful growth. Bearing this in mind, our pre-search consultation with you the client takes into consideration the current market conditions and industrial trends including utilising fully our well-maintained worldwide network of contacts.

We implement a bespoke recruitment strategy in sourcing suitable individuals for your company, based on the company-specific, professional, and personal demands on all prospective personnel.

Our task is to find the right employees for a long-term employment with you the client by convincing them to favour a change. Most of the people we speak to have a job, are settled and are not looking to move. This is where our experience counts by convincing them with reasoned argument to consider something else.

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