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Driving Cross-Border Transaction across the borders in 106 countries

Cross Border Associates (CBA) continues to be the most recognised and trusted cross-border business adviser. We not only enable smooth cross-border business transactions but also advise entrepreneurs on issues ranging from tax information to legal matters.

Discover why CBA remains the top of its field

Originating in the European Union as a consultant firm for cross-border transactions within the European Union, CBA quickly realised that many of its clients could and wanted to benefit from possibilities of selling their businesses outside Europe.

To make this a possibility, CBA began recruiting experienced business dealers from around the world. Today, these recruits are now part of our international network of advisers.

Overall, this became a win-win situation: We received a global team of experts, while they received access and connections to similar specialists from around the world, where several companies and experts noticed the opportunities CBA presents and have joined CBA as Associates. In response, CBA has naturally built a league of international Associates that includes:

  • Business buyers and sellers
  • Technology transfer experts
  • Experienced entrepreneurs
  • Strategic investors
  • International firms
  • International business consultants
  • Legal experts

As CBA continues to expand its network, it brings with it changes to the industry. Noticing the industry’s unfair consulting fees that prevent start-ups and mid-market companies from obtaining the international business consulting they would need to sell or buy businesses across borders, CBA has done away with fees for initial consulting. We are not business brokers, nor are we standard M&A intermediaries. That is, CBA does not charge for initial consultation provided. That is free. We are only charging for special transaction-related advice for mandated business opportunities, and other services required to close a transaction, such as business evaluations, market research, or special M&A services during business transactions. We do charge one-time fees at cost for such services.

We are success-oriented for your benefit and for ours - you only pay us a success fee when your business transaction is successfully closed.

For technology transfer mandates we charge a basic mandate fee, together with a success fee on results achieved.

How can you benefit from CBA?

If you are interested in buying or selling a business, finding partners for special business transactions, or joining our alliance; you could stand to gain in the following ways:

Buying or Selling a Business

Gain special access to M&A related consulting and legal advice. You’ll be assisted only by consultants and lawyers with expertise in cross-border transactions.

Even large-size businesses do not have the internal legal experts they need for successfully completing an international transaction.

Legal support and international trade advice are absolutely necessary in carrying out a cross-border business transaction.

Finding Partners

Obtain special international opportunities through leveraging our network of global entrepreneurs. Businesses with eyes for expansion come to us in search of partnerships.

Our goal is to find someone like you to assist these businesses with their aim of expanding across borders. Whether it be a joint venture, start-up, technology transfer project or any other form of global expansion (e.g., corporate real estate), you're likely to find the partnership you need in our database.

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