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Business for Sale
One of the top 5 security and facility management companies in Turkey

Mandate ID: TR-1-GAC-5-1710-1
Transaction Type:
Business for Sale

Industry: Services

Sector: Security and facility management


Country of Origin: Turkey |

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

Security and facility management company based in Istanbul. Company with 2.000 + employees, serves major municipalities, universities, hospitals, NATO facilities.
Commenced in 1994, doubled its turnover and profit within last 3 years. The company holds over 30 Million USD accreditation that makes it eligible to major tenders.
Only serves public contracts and hold enormous potential to serve private sector.

Cleaning services, Security services, Facility management, Landscaping services, Technical and other services
Financial Information

Revenue 2016: EUR 22,900,000

EBITDA 2016: EUR 1,390,000

Price: EUR 7,750,000

Revenue Multiple 2016: 0.34

EBITDA Multiple 2016: 5.58


* Established company,
* Accreditation level is within top 5 companies
* Strong growth
* Very moderate valuation
* Major potential for rapid ROI
* Strong vehicle to tap into an immature growth market

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