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Plastic Injection Molder Seeking Acquisitions

Mandate ID: GB-4-JAM-35-1912-2
Transaction Type:
Business Wanted

Industry: Plastic Manufacturing

Sector: Injection mMoulder


Country of Origin: United States |

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

About the plastic injection molder, the Company is a contract custom injection moulder, single and multi-shot, specializing in the production of high volume, highly engineered plastic components. Located in the Mid-West, the Company serves end markets including recreation, industrial, medical and consumer.

The Company’s plan for future success includes acquisitions to 1) strengthen its Mid-West position, 2) expand its geographic reach to the West and East Coasts, and 3) extend its product offerings into new markets and new materials. Capital for this growth is supplied by the Company’s major stakeholder, a long-established private equity firm.

About the Private Equity Firm
Founded in 1989, this private equity firm specializes in investing in areas such as entrepreneurial or family-owned businesses in which the shareholders are seeking liquidity or growth capital infusions in companies looking to accelerate growth. To date, the firm has made 60 investments (including add-ons), and today has more than $460M under management in its 9 active portfolio companies.

The Firm requires management to remain for at least a transition period but would prefer if they would stay for a more extended period of time and participate in future ownership.

Transactions are generally done on an all-cash basis, and transaction time is generally between 60 and 90 days. This is an ideal opportunity for an owner to take some of the “chips” off the table and share in the subsequent growth of the firm. Transactions are concluded in a timely manner, taking the owner’s concerns and considerations into account.

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