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Capital Raising

Funding requirement for biogas project

Mandate ID: IN-9-MAG-6-1902-3
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Renewable energy

Sector: Renewable energy-biogas


Country of Origin: India | India

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

Wholly- owned (Indian) subsidiary of Canadian frozen food company, interested in funding requirement of INR 19.27 Cr. for biogas plant (on EPC model for 10 years) set up in their premises for the proposed sale of gas & liquid residue generated through a plant in the Indian State of Gujarat.

Parent Company:
• The Company, established in 1950, has evolved over the years as one of the prominent leaders in the frozen foods products in Canada
• The Company has an employee database of over 25,000 globally which is operating with over 55 production facilities across the globe
• The Company is profitable and has generated revenue of Canadian $9.1 billion in sales
India Presence:
• The Company, started its operations in 1958, with an initial investment of INR 100 Cr
• The Company is registered with paid-up capital of INR 481.5 Cr with an employee database of over 400
• Financial results (Revenue):
o 2013-2014: INR 345.8 Cr
o 2014-2015: INR 396.0 Cr
o 2015-2016: INR 482.6 Cr
o 2016-2017: INR 534.2 Cr


Frozen food

Financial Information

Revenue : EUR 66,881,840

Capital required: EUR 2,500,000

Revenue Multiple : 0.00


Deal Details:
• Generation of annual revenue through gas INR 4.79 Cr and through liquid manure INR 1.75 Cr
• Proposed funding requirements: equity/debt/both
• Minimum Performance Guarantees:
o Minimum 330 plus days of operational plant
o 85% of the 3,600kg day of gas generation
• Investment securities:
o Land lease/usage shall be a part of the Gas Sale Contract with the parent company
o Rolling bank guarantee to the Investor covering value equivalent to 3 months of gas sale revenue

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