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Capital Raising

Global market place for music copyrights

Mandate ID: SE-7-MD-4-2210-3
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Entertainment: music copyrights market place

Sector: Music copyrights

Country of Origin: Sweden | Sweden

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

Tangy Market is an online marketplace where anyone can invest in music royalties, i.e. the music royalty income stream for a specified period of time for a song, portfolio of songs or an artist's entire music catalogue. The interest for music copyrights have exploded during the last few years, especially by global and local giants acquiring portfolio of copyrights, e.g. Bob Dylan (usd 350-400 million, Bruce Springsteen (usd 550 million), Sting (usd 300 million), Avicii (usd 120 million) etc etc. Tangy Market should be regarded as an opportunity for small and large, private and company investors to take part of this alternative investment asset class. Tangy Market lets you tap into the multibillion creator economy through fractionalized investments while supporting one of the most important cornerstones of culture, music.

Tangy Place is an early stage company started in 2018 ready for growth with a finalised music copyright marketplace and app in place and with a proven business model generating revenues. The buying, selling and trading on Tangy Market works just like in any other market. However, Tangy Market goes beyond numbers and rates. In addition to your chances as an investor of winning or losing (as in a stock market), your investment in a song works as an advance payment to the songwriter. An investment in music royalties could be viewed as an alternative investment asset relatively independent of economic fluctuations. First royalty pay out to music investors showed on average total return of 13% in 2022. The value of the music copyright is done through a patented AI-model whereupon the copyright is divided and sold to investors on the market place.


Technology: Cloud-first, event driven, serverless, running on AWS. React Native application, targeting iOS and Android. Machine learning valuation model.


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Financial Information

Revenue 2021: EUR 190,000

Capital required: EUR 5 million

Revenue Multiple 2021: 0.00


Tangy Market's capital raising amounts to euro five million. The growth capital will be used for product development, asset/content onboarding and customer acquisition. The owners of Tangy Market are in discussion with a highly reputable global private equity company interested in participating in the capital raising process which would like to have one or two co-investors participating as well.

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