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Capital Raising

Industrial starch plant setup

Mandate ID: AM-1-ASA-4-1804-3
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Agriculture

Sector: Manufacturing

SIC Code: 20460101 CORN STARCH

Country of Origin: Armenia | Armenia

Target Countries: Armenia

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

Client is a closed joint stock company, registered in the Republic of Armenia, has started implementation of phase I of the corn processing master project.
Project started in 2015, the Master Project will be done by 2022 and establishment of starch production plant, bio plastic plant, on the bases of a starch plant, corn raising farm, to ensure the supply of primary raw material, cattle farm, to use corn processing by-products as animal feed and meat processing plant, to integrate with cattle farm.
The company has effectively acquired more than 100 ha land, started plant construction, hired a global engineering company to design the plant and specify industrial equipment.
Currently, the plant is in construction process, more than 25% is complete.
According to the project, first phase’s main product will be modified corn starch. Raw material for the project is considered corn itself. In the first periods of the projects, corn will be imported from Russian Federation. Later will be discussed other options of getting raw material.

Total Master project investment 120 million USD
Phase I investment 4.34 million USD
Sales Revenue 23.8 million USD
EBITDA Margin 16.8%
Operating Profit 3.7 million USD
Profit Margin 11.51%



Financial Information

Capital required: EUR from EUR 4.100.000 to 98.000.000


Budget 4.34 million USD (120 million USD for master project)
Construction period 5 years
Type of Investment Equity
IRR 29.9%
Payback Period 4 years
ROE 23.1%
ROA 17.6%

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