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Capital Raising

Investment opportunity with wood pellets producer

Mandate ID: IN-9-MAG-8-1903-3
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Renewable- Biomass

Sector: Wooden pellets

Country of Origin: Portugal | Portugal

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

Wood pellets manufacturing player, with a capacity to produce 110k MT/year, strategically positioned near raw material supply and port facilities.

- The Group exports more than 85% of its total production, most of which goes to central and northern Europe, essentially to the industrial market; Concerning the domestic market, the Group has a well -established position both in the Portuguese and the Spanish markets (85:25 - Industrial/domestic market)
- Market Outlook: Growing number of coal-to-biomass plant conversions, that will match world demand, enabling a constant price increase; Growing awareness of the cost-effectiveness inherent to the use of wood pellets compared to other heating fuels; Biomass to be a critical renewable source for EU climate guidelines.
- Strategic location: Close proximity to shipping port facilities, which allow for competitive transport costs and higher flexibility; High availability of raw material near the Group’s location, excluding the need of high transportation costs and longer waiting periods; Exclusivity privileges, since it is the only pellet producer in the area.

Financial Indicators:
Turnover: EUR 8.5m (2017); EUR 6.0m (2016)
EBITDA : EUR 1.1m (2017); EUR 0.04m (2016)

Operational indicators:
Total land area: 41406mm
Total covered area: 6400mm
Silo- Finished product storage: 9200mm
Employees: 44

Financial Information

Revenue 2018: EUR 8,482,000

EBITDA 2018: EUR 1,054,000

Capital required: €/$ on request

Revenue Multiple 2018: 0.00

EBITDA Multiple 2018: 0.00

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