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Capital Raising > Online - Offline advertising platform

Business Opportunity

Industry: IT software/ hardware

Sector: Online - Offline advertising - human data analytics


Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Country of Origin: United States |

Target Countries: United States

Target Areas: North America

Business Review

About the Company: LINKETT is a high-tech company based in Silicon Valley, California ( in the vertical of Analytics for Digital-out-of-home Advertising.
About the Product & Business Capabilities: LINKETT's technological product creates a unified development and delivery environment providing access to consistent, accurate and timely data, by bridging and connecting offline and online worlds. This can assist marketers and publishers to convert offline data to online data, web analytics and mobile channels into information that can be used to support business goals. Its an one-stop shop solution for human data , demographic information, ad rates, ad campaign schedule planning, ad buys, and creative development, reducing transaction time and costs for buyers and sellers of advertising spots. The product represents the intersection of two growing world wide advertising markets: online advertising and offline advertising. The advertising industry in both categories represents a $20 billion industry just in the US and is expected to grow at 11 percent compound annual growth. The worldwide out of home advertising expenditure is projected to reach 35+ billion U.S. dollars by 2018.

DMP (data management platform) providing various services to meet the needs of its customers, advertisers and publishers.
Analytics for Digital-out-of-home advertising.
Financial Information

Capital / Loan Requirements: USD $1,500,000


LINKETT's proprietary technology includes a patent - pending product which is a user-friendly DMP (data management platform) providing various services to meet the needs of its customers, advertisers and publishers. The system is a centralised platform that aggregates first and third party audience data from customer’s digital out-of-home advertising efforts (digital billboards in malls, airports, transit shelters, retail stores, etc.)

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