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Capital Raising

Residential real estate development project finance

Mandate ID: LV-1-EME-1-2007-3
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Real estate

Sector: Residential real estate development


Country of Origin: Latvia | Latvia

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

The developer is a real estate management and development company that has more than 10 years experience of developing and reconstructing existing real estate properties in the city centre as well as in other areas of Riga. The Developer started its operations in 2008, by buying up distressed real estate properties, renovating and selling them at profit. Majority of projects have been residential real estate, including economy as well as premium class apartments. The developer has successfully completed 7 projects with total value of more than € 20 million.

The developer leads a complete chain of property development from planning activities to the sales of final products to the client. Considering the developer's previous experience and the current opportunities, it looks for additional debt and / or equity investors in order to take advantage of the situation and buy properties with discount and secure superior returns in the upcoming 2-3 years.

Riga 1

Financial Information

Capital required: 500,000 - 2,500,000


1. Developer has successful track record of buying, renovating, and selling residential properties in Riga city.
2. Vertically integrated with an in-house construction company that manages the construction of projects, giving additional flexibility, control and lower costs.
3. Skin in the game investment principle as the developer is always investing equity in each of the projects.
4. Outstanding marketing effort compared to local peers helps to market and sell properties better.
5. Attractive and diversified pipeline consisting of downtown and economy class residential projects.

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