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Capital Raising

Investment in Vertically Integrated Pharmaceutical Group

Mandate ID: AU-8-JPE-1-2105-3
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Healthcare

Sector: Pharmaceutical rug development


Country of Origin: Australia | Australia

Target Countries: Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom

Target Areas: European Union, Worldwide

Business Review

1. Endocannabinoid pharmaceutical market potential is large
• Opportunity to develop products in therapeutic areas of large potential value with few capable competitors
• US$ 1 billion p.a. in e3D’s focus areas of PTSD and neuropathic pain in palliative patients
• Increasing number of global data points to support the use of cannabinoids in specific therapeutic areas
• Increasing sector interest with GW Pharma under offer at 14x revenue (US$7.2bn)

2. Company has clear pharmaceutical vision leading to value inflection points
• R and D in well-defined segments with distinct lack of existing therapeutic options - initially neuropathic pain and PTSD
• ‘Seed to vial’ supply enables genomic programs that generate novel species for targeted research and valuable intellectual property
• 1st in human expected in late 2022
• Near-term milestones and ongoing value inflection points

3. Complementary, scalable cultivation supported by plant science
• Largest operational glasshouse in ANZ
• First harvest in July 2021
• Highly scalable site (up to 10x), expansion matchable to demand with significant barriers to entry
• Genomic molecular breeding supports drug development program
• Near term B2B revenue opportunity provides funding for R and D

4. High quality management team and partnerships
• High quality, deep management team drawn from world-class healthcare companies, including GSK
• Industry leading experience in plant genomic breeding programs
• Exclusive research partnerships with globally recognised universities
• Valuable commercial partnerships and offtake agreements
• Family office billionaire investors


Pharmaceutical drug research & development, cultivation of dried flower

Financial Information

Capital required: EUR 3,800,000


Company is seeking to exploit the large opportunity arising from emerging clinical evidence of plant derived cannabinoids for medical use. The cannabinoid space is a strong pharmaceutical opportunity to develop products in therapeutic areas of unmet need and which have large potential value with very few capable competitors globally.

At present, GW Pharma has the only FDA-approved cannabinoid drug (for early-onset epilepsy) and it has recently received a takeover offer of US$7.2bn at 14x revenue.
The Company has a robust drug development, plant science and cultivation platform from which to exploit emerging clinical evidence of plant derived cannabinoids for medical use

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