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Method patent for food traceability

Mandate ID: SE-7-MD-1-2106-1
Transaction Type:
Business for Sale

Industry: Food (meat, pork and poultry)

Sector: Food Traceability

Country of Origin: Sweden | Sweden

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

The inventor holds approved and validated patents covering a method and a system for controlling and authenticating quality and origin of meat, pork and poultry in the US, EU and Russia. The method is utilized both for the sake of allowing animal and meat product distribution, exporting and importing activities and for providing end consumers with a means for self-informing of the origin and history of the animals, meat and meat products sold on the market. The patents are what is referred to as method or process patents and are as such not dependent on a specific type of technology, whether it be Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), traditional bar codes, or any other electronic tagging or marking (blockchain). The patents secure the rights to track meat products with electronic means through the entire value chain from farm to fork.


Method patent


Food traceability

Financial Information

Price: €/$ on request


The owner prefers sell the method patent to an industrial partner focused on traceability as core business and thereby the having ability to monetize the method patent. The owner could accept to sell the method patent for a limited proportion of its potential value potential to the right owner who could monetize the method patent in exchange for a future economic royalty split, e.g. x% of the net profit from the implementation/usage of the method patent going forward.

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