Business Summary
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Other Business Opportunity
Partner for rail/metro construction

Mandate ID: IN-11-SRV-3-1803-7
Transaction Type:
Other Business Opportunity

Industry: Construction

Sector: Railways

Country of Origin: India |

Target Countries: India

Target Areas: European Union

Business Review

One of our foreign clients has approached us to look for prospective partners who are in the rail/metro construction business and who would be interested in working in a Metro project along with one of India’s leading construction companies. This leading construction company is open to either a proper JV, or simply bidding for the said Metro project on a success fee basis. Currently, there are several Indian cities that are into metro projects and are looking for foreign partners. Construction partners with eligibility in tunnelling are a priority.

Project type: Design & construction of Twin box tunnel by Cut & Cover method and underground station - project value 100M in USD

Qualification required is as below:

- Work experience: The tenderers will be qualified only if they have completed work(s) during the last seven years ending as given below:

(i) At least one “similar works”* of value 80M in USD or more. (80% percentage of project value)


(ii) Two “similar works” value 50M in USD or more. (50% percentage of project value)


(iii) Three “similar works” value 40M in USD or more. (40% percentage of project value).

Additional Qualification required is as below:

If the tenderer is a JV/Consortium having foreign partner(s) and above work(s) have been executed by the foreign partner of the JV/Consortium and the work(s) were done in the country of the foreign partner, then in addition to this the foreign partner must have executed one similar work of value “40M IN USD (40% percentage of project value) or more” outside the country of the foreign partner.

* The “Similar works” for this contract shall be “Underground Metro Rail station building”

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