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Other Business Opportunity
Sale of a 250.000t pro year capacity copper rod production unit

Mandate ID: IT-6-RBS-2-2009-7
Transaction Type:
Other Business Opportunity

Industry: Copper transformation

Sector: Mining


Country of Origin: Italy |

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

Investment opportunity for the acquisition of copper wire production assets - TEASER ATTACHED
- Assets are related to a max 250.000 tons/year (4 shifts) of copper wire production capacity (wire rod from copper cathode).
- Assets are located in the UE.
- Production unit (built mid ‘80) has been acquired by current owner in 2002 and completely revamped in 2003 : excepted the casting machine and cage motors everything has been substituted by brand new equipment. In 2005 the dimension of the (copper) bar has been increased from 90x50 to 120x70 and then subsequently in 2013 to 130x70.
- Production has been stopped early 2016. Assets can be considered as technically “advanced” and –even if stopped- are regularly under maintenance. Production unit respect all UE environmental rules.
- Dismissal by current owner is motivated by low level of profitability due to high energy and labor costs in EU non competitive conditions for copper supply
over-capacity production in Europe
- Needed workforce for full capacity of the assets is 52 workers (4 shifts), not including administrative staff .
- All process from start of disassembly to restart of production is estimated in 1 year (to be compared to an estimated 3 to 4 years for a new installation)

Copper rod
Financial Information

Price: €/$ on request

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