Excellent newsletter.
I would be pleased to receive it monthly.
I may also be interested in joining the Global Alliance as an Associate.

Philip J. Weights, Managing Director Ambassadors of Private Banking GmbH
Ambassadors of Private Banking GmbH, Switzerland

As an experienced international business lawyer and negotiator, my interest in CBA further increased with the global pandemic. I was fortunate to get a refresher instruction from Mr. Kahle, the CFO of CBA, himself.
I am very thankful to Mr. Kahle for the time he took to fill me in on the excellent platform.
I am glad to be a CBA adviser and looking forward to getting acquainted and cooperating with each of you.
Respectful regards,
Erez Modai

Erez Modai

Your Global Business Bulletin ( Aug edition) was enlightening. I must say it covered widely across geographies, sectors, people and defining events. Keep up the good work and I look forward to greater interactions in the near future.
Ravindra Gopal

Ravindra Gopal
Mumbai, India

... and, to your great credit, Edition #61 of the M&A News was/is most excellent.

Mark D. Mariska, FLMI
Chief Executive
Mariska Partners, Inc.
American Insurance Consortium, Inc.

Mark D. Mariska, FLMI
Stamford, Connecticut, United States

I like your network .. please let me know the cost of joining …
Bernhard Lee, Founder and Senior Partner at Audit Alliance

Bernhard Lee

With big respect I would like to declare that I am proud being member of Cross Border Associates.

Raeed El Najjar, Lawyer
Beirut, Lebanon

Re: M&A NEWS - 50th Anniversary Edition: Many congratulations on a remarkable good work.

Pedro Gomes
Porto area, Portugal

FCA Capital is a licensed Corporate Finance Advisor registered with the Malaysian Central Bank as well as the Securities Commission of Malaysia since Year 2008. We primarily focus on project finance, corporate finance and M&A transactions. Our team comprises of 12 persons supported with an admin strength of 4 members. We are also able to execute cross border deals through our wholly owned offshore investment bank named Capital Investment Bank (L) Limited based in Labuan, Malaysia.

We find that CBA is an excellent platform and would like to explore further in being an associate with CBA. Truly hope that we can have the opportunity to be part of this excellent network.

(Michael Seow was accepted as associated M&A Adviser in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and joined CBA's Global Alliance in January 2018.)

Michael Seow
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Many of our deals and clients have multi-national aspects, and we have been looking for appropriate international partners for several years. I was therefore delighted when Gundo Kahle from CBA approached us, as our philosophy and approach to business is very alike. All the team at Odyssey are excited at joining our new international friends and we very much look forward to working together.”
(Mike Yiannis and his three fellow directors have over 80 years’ experience between them on hundreds of deals worth over £3 billion. March 2017)

Mike Yiannis
M&A Adviser, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Our office is proud to have joined the CBA network that provides the common platform for M&A services, access to global network, open various business and cooperation opportunities that help us to have deeper insight of international markets and to provide the best service to our clients.

Milan Samardžić
Belgrade, Serbia
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