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About a CBA Associate in Australia

About a CBA Associate in Australia

Dr Jack Jacoby recently ended a Non-Executive Directorship role, but still retain other directorships. He is seeking to fill the gap that has been created and maybe you are aware of NED opportunities. Jack’s value proposition: He is different. He is a fresh and lateral thinker. He increases value, lower risk, and enhance certainty. He is not afraid of being different. He makes decision making easier for a better outcome. He’s very good with people…and he is very good at what he does.

Some key past highlights:

  • CEO of 500-person organisation
  • Qualifications: Doctor of Business Administration, MBA
  • Director in Ernst & Young’s Consulting firm
  • plus KPMG, Touche Ross and IBIS Strategy
  • Adjunct Professor RMIT School of Business & Law
  • He has taught strategy, management, market research, consumer behaviour, and other related subjects. Research supervisor at MBA level and examiner of doctoral research in business.
  • Strong reputation in strategy, shareholder value, knowledge management, change management, mentoring and as a director.
  • Hundreds of clients including listed, private, for-profit, NFP, NGO, government, large, small, start-up and scale up clients.
  • He has worked in almost all industries.
  • Author of 7 books
  • He is prepared to sit on any board anywhere in the world (within reason).
  • The board must operate legally, ethically, and morally.

Dr Jack Jacoby can be contacted at