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No two businesses are the same - whether you are selling or buying, you have unique goals and requirements for the business transaction. To even come close to achieving those goals and requirements, you must have credible answers to the many natural questions that arise during the planning phase. This is where Cross Border Associates (CBA) comes in.

When you turn to us, you get access to trusted information directly from experts in all aspects of international business. Our consultants can advise you on acquisitions, mergers, legal, financial, tax and any other issues that may arise.

Thorough and reliable: case studies for guidance

Perhaps you have a clear goal for your business transaction. Or you may not yet know exactly what you want from the upcoming transaction. In either case, working with us will give you exactly the services you need. CBA can show you case studies that are similar to your situation. This is just one of the ways we show you what to expect from an international business transaction.

Transparency and humility

CBA never pushes a client to buy or sell. The essence of our services is the exact opposite: to give you the resources and time you need to fully understand and work through the transaction. We work on the principle of transparency: we never withhold information or advice you need to make the right decision.

Through CBA, you get support to guide you through the maze of contracts, business valuations, legal issues and taxes. At the same time, we operate on a principle of humility: we will never "over-hype" a company or our own achievements.

Our job is to provide you with the information, support, and advice you need to make a decision that leads to a satisfactory cross-border business transaction.

Sales-side advice

We understand and expedite the process of valuing your business and presenting it in an enhanced manner. To do this, we advise you on all related issues, such as which business units you should divest, the type of buyer you should negotiate with and how to maximise the value of the current shares. We also arrange management buyouts and deal with all issues related to how such a buyout affects the board, management teams and shareholders.

Buy-side advice

For the corporate buyer, we plan and adopt a strategy for the future growth of your company. Our system emphasises research above all. Based on the agreed growth strategy, we compile a list of suitable companies and contact the companies directly with structured proposals. After brokering negotiations and reaching an agreement, we take care of due diligence and help you close the deal.

Unique transaction services

For corporate transactions that are not exactly "standard", we put you in touch with our international industry experts. Working with you, they utilise proven frameworks to assist you in completing your transaction. In doing so, they take into account the unique structure and needs of your transaction. Our methods have led to successful transactions in technology transfer, homeland security, "green" deals and many other so-called "non-standard" deals.

And finally, what can you expect from us

One clear result: we won't just overwhelm you with information and hope you'll make sense of it. If we have to, we will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process of buying or selling a business across borders. We only part company with you when the transaction is complete.

Honesty: We do not charge by the hour or by the number of services you use. Rather, our basic consultation is free of charge. We only charge for additional services if they are necessary. Our goal is to sincerely help you complete the transaction you want and deserve.


Regardless of how long you've been in business, what industry you're in, or what country you're in, you can't handle all of the tasks involved in buying or selling a business abroad on your own. You will need the advice of a collection of experts from different fields and nations. Finding all these advisors on your own is difficult and costly. CBA solves this problem by gathering these advisors under our umbrella and making them available to you free of charge; so you can navigate your business transaction.