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Gundo Kahle | Chief Executive Officer
Gundo Kahle
Chief Executive Officer
CBA Cross Border Associates Ltd. & Co. KG
City: Wiesbaden
Country: Germany

CBA Cross Border Associates is the brainchild of business innovator Gundo Kahle. The company is headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany. CBA Advisors are already present in over 100 countries.

CBA's global alliance of M&A, finance, legal and tax advisors has been running with great success since 2015, growing from zero to 300 advisory partners in just 6 years. CBA is now the most widespread M&A network of its kind in the world.

During the pandemic, CBA became a digital hub for businesses around the world; either for the entrepreneur to raise funds for their ideas and projects, for investors to buy businesses to generate healthy returns, for entrepreneurs to exit their businesses, and for businesses to easily expand their target markets in a densely populated business crowd. CBA connects B2B, B2C, B2G and G2G business issues.

CBA provides legitimate and authentic information from all parties involved, with the ability to drive business on a global scale: cross-border is key.

Our management is supported by a select team of associates who have achieved special positions in our Global Alliance as M&A advisors over the years.

In loose succession, we present here further associates from our organisation of currently over 300 advisors.

The complete list of our partners from 100+ countries can be found here.