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CBA now present in Beijing with Lawyer Xuanjun Wang
Lawyer in Beijing, China, Xuanjun Wang graduated from Beijing University School of Law with an LL.B. degree in 1986, from[...]
Qais Hamza joined CBA as M&A Adviser in London in July 2018.
He worked with Arthur Andersen in Kuwait, Beirut & Abu Dhabi for 10 years, later emigrated to the UK and[...]
CBA is a Global Alliance of currently 222 M&A, Business-, Legal-, and Tax-Advisers in 101 countries.
This international network of business advisers in mid-market cross-border and other M&A transactions and related services, provides client services worldwide[...]
International “Buyers and Sellers” Conference in Armenia
Armenia: The Tavush Region Integrated and Balanced Economic development project held a high level International “Buyers and Sellers” Conference, which[...]
Rakuten acquires mobile order company Curbside
Providing Curbside with resources to grow its platform globally, Rakuten has acquired the mobile ordering technology company, Curbside. With the[...]
Business Technology Partners acquires two smaller IT services organisations
Business Technology Partners has acquired two more MSPs and named a new CEO. The buyouts involve the Secure IT Engineering[...]
CBA now also present in Paris
Joachim Berchtikou joined CBA as M&A Adviser in May 2018. He is French and based in Paris as Strategy &[...]
Dr. Davide Raviola joined CBA with offices in Torino and Milan, Italy
Dr. Davide Raviola, after his professional trainee, joined for ten years the network Deloitte being director, associate of the professional[...]
News from Kazakhstan
  Artyushenko & Partners is inviting engineers, lawyers and other construction specialists to participate in one of our upcoming event.[...]
Business owners need to know what it takes to sell a business!
The hard truth is, many businesses will sell at a low price or not sell at all. Why? Because those[...]
FIN & LAW joins CBA Cross Boarder Associates in Tanzania
On 06th March 2018 Eric Frank Ringo from FIN & LAW and CBA Cross Boarder Associates entered into an agreement[...]
Dr. Dalla Verità joined CBA as its 200th Associate and M&A Adviser and Tax Expert in Bologna in December 2017.
Gianluca M. Dalla Verità is a CPA - Chartered Public Accountant. In 1983, at the age of 23, he began[...]
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