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Our Approach

We are recognised and trusted specialists in cross-border acquisitions in all M&A supporting areas including legal and tax advice on both sides of the border.

Originally founded as an advisory firm for cross-border transactions within the European Union, CBA quickly realised that many of its clients wanted to extend the opportunities of buying and selling companies from the EU to countries outside Europe.

To support these expansion plans, CBA began recruiting experienced M&A professionals from around the world. In just six years, CBA's global M&A alliance grew to over 300 M&A Associates, creating a significant and leading network of M&A advisors, consulting professionals as well as legal and tax specialists.

We are not business brokers, nor are we standard M&A intermediaries. This means CBA does not charge for the initial consultation. This is free of charge. We only charge for special transaction-related advice for mandated business opportunities and other services required to complete a transaction, such as business valuations, market research or special M&A services for corporate transactions. We charge one-off fees for such services on a time and material basis.

Otherwise, we work only on a success-oriented basis, for the benefit of our clients, which is only due if the transaction is successfully completed.

International advice

Business does not discriminate; money does not discriminate; we do not discriminate. In fact, we work exclusively in the field of cross-border transactions (hence our name). For this reason, we feel an absolute need to surround ourselves (figuratively speaking) with competent associates all over the world. And as one of the services we offer our clients, we put this international team of experts at your disposal.

You will receive all the advice you need for your specific cross-border transaction, in your own language. Whether you have questions about local tax laws, business laws or investment opportunities, we can help you find the right person to answer your questions. Business is a language. Let us be your translator.