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The total of all mandated business opportunities listed online 
as per 23rd October 2019 amounts to EUR 6,538,366,880

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Project Name (Click on Project Name to see anonymous data of Business Opportunity) Country of Origin Target Countries
Buyer mandate: Housing reform or renovation company Japan Country/ies
Manufacturing process designing companies Japan Country/ies
Renewable energy - Biogas station - Electricity Ukraine Area/s
Manufacturer of nasal breathing devices and cosmetics. Ukraine Area/s
Investment in IT/Broadband Internet Provider Ukraine Area/s
Broadband Internet Provider Ukraine Area/s
Production of ballistic and tactical helmets Ukraine Area/s
Medical & cosmetic equipment supplier (subject to HOA excl. period) Australia Area/s
Airline company India Area/s
Niche focused HVAC company - SOLD - sold Australia Country/ies | | Area/s
Specialised allied health management business - SOLD - sold Australia Country/ies | | Area/s
Lifestyle fashion accessories business - SOLD - sold Australia Country/ies | | Area/s
Home care services - sold India Country/ies | | Area/s
Oral care products manufacturer Turkey Area/s
Temporary staffing agency Turkey Area/s
Retail business seeks capital - sold United Arab Emirates Area/s
Solar plant in Poland - sold Poland Country/ies | | Area/s
Building wind power plants for electricity production and sale Lithuania Area/s
Equity Financing Uganda Area/s
Pharma distributor in Argentina Argentina Country/ies | | Area/s
Guam land sale/ development opportunity United States Area/s
Solar power plant 5MW greenfield project Croatia Area/s
Dye manufacturer in Argentina Argentina Country/ies | | Area/s
Capital raising for healthcare company United States Area/s
Motor vehicle assembly Zimbabwe Area/s
Hotel in a neo Renaissance architecture in Rome Italy Area/s
Solar project India Area/s
Historic hotel in Vienna Austria Area/s
Profitable printing business India Area/s
Insolvent large Indian infrastructure company seeking investment India Area/s
Incredible 5-star hotel and beach resort Egypt Area/s
Hotels and casino for sale Portugal Area/s
Very luxury 5* resort hotel Spain Area/s
Historic luxury hotel and casino United States Area/s
Extremely luxury 5-stars hotel United Arab Emirates Area/s
5* hotel in London - long term lease United Kingdom Area/s
Abu Dhabi funding, investment and oil United Arab Emirates Area/s
Hotels in Paris sell for EUR 1.3 billion France Area/s
Setting up of steel modular building factory India Area/s
Investment opportunity in a copper rod 250 KT/Y production capacity Italy Country/ies
Investment opportunity with wood pellets producer Portugal Area/s
Strategic sale of shares in an Offshore Investment Bank Malaysia Area/s
Funding requirement for biogas project India Area/s
New modern IT solution for restaurants Armenia Area/s
Boutique Hotel in Majorca Spain Area/s
Registered training organisation (RTO) Australia Area/s
Investment in health care company India Area/s
Bid for tenders for the Tel Aviv Metropolitan light rail train network Israel Area/s
Textile labelling company Turkey Area/s
Aerospace company in South Africa South Africa Area/s
Real estate construction projects India Area/s
Copper mine Namibia Area/s
Hotel investment opportunity United Kingdom Area/s
Agriculture franchise Kosovo Area/s
Infrastructure Company in India seeking investments India Area/s
Industrial starch plant setup Armenia Country/ies | | Area/s
Telecom company in India seeking investments India Area/s
Alpine residential district Armenia Country/ies | | Area/s
Unique 54 m diameter radio optical telescope for radio-astronomy Armenia Area/s
Partner for rail/metro construction India Country/ies | | Area/s
Erection of Caustic / Chlorine plant Iraq Country/ies | | Area/s
Paper factory Iraq Country/ies | | Area/s
Highly specialised robotics automation company - sold Germany Area/s
Insurance technology business in FinTech / Insurtech seeks investors United Kingdom Area/s
Custom Trailer Manufacturer - sold United States Area/s
UK Fintech company seeks investment United Kingdom Area/s
Sandwich panel production line Iraq Area/s
Factoring company Netherlands Area/s
Real Estate development in Mombasa Kenya Area/s
Production line for air filters for power plants Iraq Area/s
Factory to produce metal chains Iraq Area/s
Production line for built-up sections, bridge and road girders Iraq Country/ies | | Area/s
4-star hotel on Moroccan west coast Morocco Area/s
Fund raising for project in renewable sector Portugal Country/ies | | Area/s
Seek acquisition of spirits manufacturer China Area/s
Non-bank vehicle leasing Switzerland Area/s
German coating brand China Country/ies
Real Estate development in Nairobi, Kenya Kenya Area/s
Accurate reconnaissance study for mining and oil and gas exploration Russia Country/ies | | Area/s
Technology company with specialised software products United States Area/s
3 Star hotel in Cape Town - Gardens South Africa Area/s
Company operating in the sport medical field Italy Area/s
5-star hotel for sale in Morocco's central/north inland Morocco Area/s
3 star hotel in Cape Town CBD South Africa Area/s
4 star hotel in Cape Town CBD South Africa Area/s
Chain of restaurants Ukraine Area/s
Operating / working capital loan India Area/s
One of the top 5 security and facility management companies in Turkey Turkey Area/s
5-star hotel in Rabat, Morocco Morocco Area/s
Germany: Seeking locations for hotels Germany Country/ies
Unique luxury hotel in Tangier, Morocco Morocco Area/s
4-star hotel for sale in Marrakesh, Morocco Morocco Area/s
3*Hotel in health/geothermal tourism resort in Croatia Croatia Area/s
Equity investment - Software New Zealand Country/ies | | Area/s
Carbon fibre production company for sale - sold Italy Area/s
5-star hotel in Casablanca, Morocco Morocco Area/s
Seismic equipment manufacturing & service business India Country/ies | | Area/s
Investment opportunity in a global logistics player India Area/s
Hotel operators seeking investors for business development projects United States Area/s
Oil & Gas onshore value creation in Germany Germany Area/s
5* hotel/villas and golf course project at Adriatic coast Croatia Area/s
Croatian leather & fashion manufacturing company Croatia Area/s
Financial partnership Turkey Area/s
Investor seeks profitable boutique hotels in Europe Germany Country/ies | | Area/s
Plastic products manufacturing business Australia Country/ies
Wind farms in Spain Spain Country/ies
Car parking fund in Spain Spain Country/ies
Hotels on sale in Barcelona, Mallorca and Ibiza Spain Country/ies | | Area/s
Investor interested in car parking facilities Spain Country/ies | | Area/s
Hotels to buy Spain Country/ies | | Area/s
Luxury development in Cyprus Cyprus Area/s
New immune therapy Austria Country/ies | | Area/s
Biodiesel plant United States Country/ies | | Area/s
Used cooking oil collector - sold United States Country/ies | | Area/s
6 Hotels in Germany and Austria Germany Country/ies | | Area/s
Start-up for revolutionary cancer test system - sold Israel Country/ies | | Area/s
Chinese hospitality group seeking to buy hotels in Germany China Country/ies
Syndicated loan portion for sale - sold Spain Country/ies | | Area/s
Digital printing company South Africa Country/ies
Consumer goods retailer Brazil Country/ies | | Area/s
East African food company Kenya Country/ies | | Area/s
Electrical components & equipment manufacturers - sold India Country/ies
5-star hotel in famous Tokay wine region Hungary Country/ies | | Area/s
Power generation and desalination plant - sold United Arab Emirates Country/ies | | Area/s
Investment for expansion of luxury hotel in Morocco Morocco Country/ies | | Area/s
Italian company in the fashion industry - sold Italy Area/s
Machinery and equipment repair Australia Country/ies | | Area/s
Workforce outsourcing service provider - sold Brazil Area/s
Consumable goods in convenience stores - sold United States Area/s
Fashion accessories Turkey Area/s
Manufacturers of corrugated and cardboard boxes Albania Area/s
Profitable HR company for sale Bulgaria Country/ies | | Area/s
Machinery and equipment rental United States Country/ies | | Area/s
Hotel for sale in Croatia Croatia Country/ies | | Area/s
Brazilian investors seek technology transfer projects Brazil Country/ies | | Area/s
Synthetic fuel production system and patents - sold Germany Country/ies | | Area/s
Household furniture manufacturer Turkey Area/s
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