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Alan Royal from Chicago, United States recently joined CBA

Alan Royal from Chicago, United States recently joined CBA

Alan Royal is a Fortune 500 Operations and Technology Visionary. With degrees in Bachelors Computer Science & Information Systems, Bachelors Accounting, Bachelors Business Administration, Masters Emerging Market Management Practice, Alan has exceptional vision and execution, is a digital commerce thought leader, among others in leading enterprise technology operations, and in insurance/financial sectors.

Alan Royal is the professional consultant for M&A and other transactions in many industries and business areas, locally or cross-border.

Testimonials: Run Butterfied, EVP Meta Bank, report to the BOD of achievement: "Alan challenged the status quo of IT’s, and Meta’s, resource allocation, prioritization, and project management practices. He brought an experienced outsiders perspective that has created an enterprise-wide view of our projects and initiatives, positive change in meeting agendas and management practices, as well as a renewed focus on resource planning and prioritization"

John Harrison CEO & Vice Chairman New York Life International: "Alan's ability to evaluate situations, determine strategic and tactical solutions and implement are outstanding."