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Dr. Gregory S. Gettinger | Consulting Professional
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Dr. Gregory S. Gettinger
Consulting Professional

Profession: Economist Business Consultant

Location Main Office: City // Vienna | Country // Austria

Professional Expertise

Customer relationships, Marketing and branding, Organisational management, Project management and execution

Experience in Industries, Products & Services

Biofuels, Biotech, Cleantech, Media, Paper, Printing, Renewable energy

CV Résumé

Gregory Gettinger, a Ph. D. graduate from the University of Vienna in Marketing and Technology (1987), and a Business Case Study Program graduate from Harvard and Stanford Universities (1988 and 1990), Dr. Gregory Gettinger begins his career with PepsiCo International as a Marketing Trainee and Franchise Manager in Vienna.

From 1989 to 1995, he acquires his first experience in the packaging industry as Managing Director with Frantschach AG (today: Mondi), a business generating 40 million Euros in sales, where he leads a heavy restructuring and turn-around case.

Shifting industries to tackle the media giant, Gettinger joins Bertelsmann AG, a 20 billion Euro sales company.  As MD Marketing and Sales of Premiere GmbH, he directs the development of the first Pay TV in Germany, achieving 2 million subscribers within four years.

His next step takes him in 1999 to the position of Managing Director with M-real Deutschland GmbH, assuming responsibility for 700 million Euros in Sales and Marketing.

In 2006, Gettinger joins the Corporate Executive Board as Executive Vice President of M-real, and takes over responsibility of their Publishing business, where he develops and implements a new strategy, and executes significant cost reduction programs.

Gettinger expands his directorate to the Commercial Print business in 2007, combining it into a new Graphics business area with 9 mills and a turnover of 2 billion in sales.

As of January 2009 merge between M-real Graphics and Sappi, Gettinger became a Member of Sappi Fine Paper Europe’s Executive Board and officiated as Director of Procurement, Supply Chain and Specialities.

From 2012 onwards Gregory Gettinger focuses onto his biotech company, which he founded in 2002. Today Gregory also consults a wide range of companies in various fields. Besides the consulting business, he owns and manages his a very specialized biotech business, which focuses on converting minor grade feedstocks into biodiesel.

Dr. Gettinger joined CBA as associated Consulting Professional in February 2016.

Languages spoken

German, English, (French)


PhD in Economics, MBA

Professional Achievements

Board Member in various international multi billion $ companies, Start-up of various companies

Years in Advisory: 21

Accompanied & accomplished deals: 25

Total Transaction Volume: EUR 700,000,000

Office Locations