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Dr.-Ing. Markku Halinoja

Mergers and Acquisitions Adviser

Profession: Independent Researcher

Location Main Office: City // Helsinki | Country // Finland

Professional Expertise:
Business process development, Company restructuring, Enterprise management systems (SAP), Industrial management, M&A transactions, Program and project management and coordination, Project business development, Quality auditing, Strategic market management in networks

Experience in Industries, Products & Services:
Airline industry, Beverage industry, Customising, Enterprise Research Planning (SAP ERP), Machinery production, Machine tool manufacturing, Paper industry, Paper machinery manufacturing, Products business development, Program and project management, Project business theory, SAP implementation project sales, Services business development, Strategic market management, University education development for int. industrial businesses

CV Résumé

Dr. Markku Halinoja has conceptual and analytical capabilities to comprehend international inter-organisational relationships and develop strategic collaboration in industrial networks. For instance, he has developed market driven collaboration framework to discover business opportunities (and reveal risks) in complex project business. Related theory is applicable also in cultural distant cross-border business acquisition activities.

Dr. Halinoja has managed horizontal foreign business acquisitions with integration issues especially between Finland and Italy. Additionally, he has deep experience in the paper industry, international machinery business, and business process development in enterprise management system (ERP) concentrating in SAP systems and solutions. Moreover, Dr. Halinoja has qualifications in adult pedagogy, university level teaching, and doctoral research activities. He had work experience in the USA (2 years), Italy (7 years), Luxembourg (2 months), Finland (22 years).

Key competencies: Horizontal foreign M&A integration experience in Machine tool manufacturing. Thorough experience in the Paper industry, the Paper machinery manufacturing, the Airline industry, and the Enterprise Research Planning (SAP ERP). Project business theory and hands-on development in the industrial contexts such as in the Paper industry, Machinery production, and Beverage industry. Moreover, SAP implementation project sales, project management, quality management and customising. Complex products and services business development and their strategic market management. University education development for international industrial businesses.

Individual training in brief: IT Service Management (ITIL) Foundations, Certification 2006. SAP technology-, Sales and Distribution functionalities-, and ASAP-project methodology, Certifications in 1999-2004. Tampella Corporation (FIN), International Key Persons Program 1990-1991: Managerial Finance, Management of Organisation, Presentation and Negotiation Skills in English, Industrial Marketing, International Business Transactions, Competitor Analysis, Strategy Implementation to Compete. Flight Instructor in 2009.

Dr. Halinoja joined CBA in November 2017 as M&A Adviser in Helsinki, Finland.

Languages spoken: Finnish (mother tongue), English (fluent), Italian (fluent), German (satisfactory), Swedish (basics), Spanish (basics)

Professional Achievements
Degree: PhD in Industrial Management; MSc in Mechanical Engineering; Teacher for the Universities of Applied Sciences

Scientific study and development to transform complex industrial project deliveries for continuous project business. Dissertation was inspected (in the USA and France), defended (in FIN), and qualified with distinction in 2015.
New cyclic IT projects methodology development for SAP projects which was successfully applied in the beverage industry implementation (Hartwall, FIN). The outcome was exceptional in quality, costs and delivery precision. The role was program and quality manager during 2005-2006.
Lead of a business acquisition in Italy. Consequently, three machine tool companies integrated. The role was development/managing director in 1997.
Development of unique packaging, shipping and transportation system for paper machinery deliveries (Tampella, FIN). The role was inventor and delivery project manager in 1990.
World’s highest capacity coated board machine delivery to Mead Corporation (USA). The machine line was delivered on-time, agreed quality, and more profitable as planned. The role was delivery project manager in 1988-1989.

Years in Advisory: 13

Accompanied & accomplished deals: 2

Personal Achievements

Recognition of long term voluntary work for Finnish Civil Aviation, received in 2010. The roles were pilot and mission commander in Fire surveillance and SAR flights, pilot in glider towing, and Instructor of light aircrafts.
Marathon runs (38), ultra-marathons (50 km and 100km), and the Transalpine Run over the Alps from Germany to Italy in eight days (240km and 14.000m climb).

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