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Dr. Miloud Benadjemia
Legal Adviser

Profession: Lawyer

Location Main Office: City // Relizane | Country // Algeria

Professional Expertise:
Administrative law, Commercial law, Legal consultancy, Provincial Council

Experience in Industries, Products & Services:
Renewable energy

CV Résumé

Maitre Miloud BENADJEMIA, trained at the University of Oran - Algeria - Diploma Magistère (Business Law ), PhD Student at Sidi Bel Abess- University - Algéria, Work as Assistant Professor (5 years) University of Skikda then Univ. Chelef-Algeria, and Lawyer for 10 years at the Bar of Mostaganem, Relizane-Algeria. Agreement with the province of Relizane 3 years, Agreement with I-Cover Paris - France, Internships in France, Tunisia, and Switzerland.Education in brief : Bac in 1997 social sciences College Sidi M’hamed Benali -Relizane-Algeria, Law degree University Mostaganem 2001- Algeria, CAPA of Lawyer 2002 Oran Algeria; Magister "Business Law" University Oran-Algeria in 2012, Doctorant University Sidi Bel Abess - Algeria "Commercial Law".
Other Training in brief : Moodle "design of a distance course" University Skikda- Algeria in 2013, Internships for preparation of Doctorate "Commercial Law in Paris II - France2014, Univ Tunis Manar" Tunisia "2015, and ISDC" Swiss Institute of Comparative Law " Switzerland2016 Authorization to pass a test of knowledge of French Law at the Bar of Verssailles Paris -France to HEDAC "Training School of Lawyers", Participation in national and international seminars.
Dr. Benadjemia joined CBA in March 2017 as Legal Adviser, based in Relizane, Algeria.

Languages spoken: Arabic, French, English, German

Professional Achievements
Degree: PhD in Commercial Law; Master; CAPA-Lawyer

Cooperation agreement with I-Cover, Paris/France, Internship for Doctorate in France, Tunisia, and Switzerland; Test for Foreign Lawyer in Versailles, Paris/France; Criminal Records Service with I-Cover, Paris/France

Years in Advisory: 10

Accompanied & accomplished deals: 3

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