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Prof. Dr. Arsène Verny | Legal Adviser
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Prof. Dr. Arsène Verny
Legal Adviser

Profession: Attorney-at-law

Location Main Office: City // Berlin | Country // Germany

Professional Expertise

Economic mediation, European and international economic law, German and European competition law and state aid, Intellectual Property and IT law, International arbitration and international dispute resolution

Experience in Industries, Products & Services

EU and CEE governments advisory, IT

CV Résumé

Prof. Dr. univ, Arsène Verny, M.E.S. studied law and economics at the University of Mainz, Germany (1977-78), with first State Legal Examination (junior lawyer) at University Cologne, Germany (1979-89), and the Second State Legal Examination (attorney-at-law) in 1993. Post-graduate Master of European Studies – European Law, European Economy and European Policy (M.E.S.) followed in 1993 from the EWTH – University of Aachen, European Institutions (1991-93), also Germany. Parallel Arsène completed his Dr. Universitatis (rerum oeconomicarum) at the University of Economic Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, and worked initially as Trainee at the Directorate of International Relations at the Kereskedelmi Bank in Budapest.

Dr. Arsène Verny achieved the following memberships of professional bodies: AIJA, Luxembourg ♦ Association of Fellows and Legal Scholars of the Center for International Legal Studies, Salzburg ♦ Association of German University Professors e.V., Bonn ♦ Centre of European Studies CEUS e.V., Cologne/Aachen ♦ Czech Bar Association, Prague ♦ Czech-German Business Association – VTUD e.V. Berlin ♦ German-Bulgarian Association of Lawyers e.V., Berlin ♦ German Bar Association e.V., Bonn/Berlin ♦ German-Polish Association of Lawyers e.V., Berlin ♦ ECSA – Czech Association for European Studies, Prague ♦ Legal Committee of the German Bar Association for international Relations, Bonn/Berlin ♦ Association for Anti-trust Law e.V., Düsseldorf/Bruxelles ♦ Czech- Slovak-German Association of Lawyers e.V., Frankfurt ♦ World Association of Law Professors (WALP), Washington ♦ World Association of Lawyers (WAL), Washington ♦ World Jurist Association of the World Peace Through Law Center, Washington

Dr. Arsène Verny’s current position: Attorney-at-law ♦ Jean Monnet-Professor of European Law ♦ Director for international academic affairs of the European School of Governance (EUSG) gGmbH, Berlin ♦ Member of the Chair for West European Studies (Jean Monnet-Centre of Excellence), Charles University Prague ♦ Visiting Professor at the Chair of International Business and Trade Law of the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder), at the Chair of Constitutional and European Law (Jean Monnet-Chair) of the Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, at the Centre for  European Integration of the Danube University Krems and at the Chair of the Constitutional and European Law of the West Bohemian University Pilsen.

Other skills:  Arbitration and mediation in international business and trade relations

Key qualifications:  Advisory/expert work for several EU/World Bank and bilateral law-development and institutional building projects in the associated countries of Central and Eastern Europe (since 1994): ♦ Team Leader to the EU Phare Project “Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (Training)” in the Czech Republic (02-08/2003) ♦ Project Leader to the EU Phare Project “Capital Market Legislation & Securities Commission – Legislation and Institutional Building” in the Czech Republic (10/2002 – 09/2003) ♦  Principal Advisor to the EU Obnova Project "Support to the Ministry for European Integration in the process of the approximation of law" in the Republic of Croatia (6/2001 – 8/2002) ♦ Principle Adviser to the EU Phare Project “Strengthening the Institutional and Administrative Capacity to Manage Acquis – Legal Approximation” in the Czech Republic also Standing expert to the Ministry of Regional development of the Czech Republic (11/2000 – 12/2001) ♦  Senior Adviser to the EU Phare Project “Legal Advise to the Constitutional Court” in the Slovak Republic (11/2000 – 09/2001) ♦ Senior Expert for Human Resources Development and Institutional Building to the EU Phare Project “Establishment of an Institute for Public Administration and European Integration in Bulgaria (IPAEI)” in Bulgaria (10/2000 – 11/2002) ♦ Managing Director for Administrative and Judicial Capacity to the EU Phare Project “Legal Advice on Approximation of legislation focused on the short-term and medium-term priorities of the Accession Partnership” in the Slovak Republic (9/2000 – 12/2001) ♦ Principal Legal Advisor to the EU Phare Project “Legal Advice to the Czech Government on EC Law” in the Czech Republic also Standing expert to the Ministry of Regional development of the Czech Republic (9/1998- 10/2000) ♦ Principal Legal Advisor to the EU PHARE Project “Approximation of legislation in the Czech Republic” (1994-8/1998) ♦ Core Expert to the EU Phare Project "Establishment of the National Magistracy of Justice of the Republic of Romania and Training of civil servants in EU-Affairs" (1999) ♦ Senior Expert to the EU Phare Project "Provision of EU – related training for Members of the Parliament, officials of the State Audit Office, the National Bank, senior civil servants and for officials of local government" (10 – 12/1999) ♦ Core Expert for institutional building to the EU Phare Project "Training for lawyers outside the state administration in EC law” (9/1999 – 3/2000) ♦ Senior Expert for Law development and legal methodology to the EU Phare Project “Support to European Integration Process in Estonia” (11/1999 – 1/2000) ♦ Consultant/External Expert to the EU PHARE Project “Training of Civil Servants and Judges and Establishment of European Study Centres (Sub-project “Assistance to the setting up of appropriate implementation structures”) in Hungary (3 – 7/1998) ♦ Senior Expert to the EU PHARE Project “Fiesta II – Tideover Resources Approximation of Legislation” (Sub-project: Adaptation of the Polish law vis-a-vis acquis communautaire) in Poland (3 – 6/1998) ♦ Advisory and conceptual work to the EU-PHARE Project “Training of Czech Officials in EU Affairs – Czech Institution” (1996/1997) ♦ Analytical study to the topic “Institutional, structural and methodological aspects of the Approximation of national legislation with EC Law and the application of harmonized (national) law by the national administration and courts of the associated countries of Central Europe” (1995-1997) ♦ Advisory and conceptual work to the EU PHARE Project “Training of Czech judges and the Constitutional court of the Czech Republic in EC-Law” (1996-1997) ♦ Making of the Educational Compendium for the Training of judges in EC-Law “European Law in the decisions of the European Court of Justice” in the Czech language (published in February 1998) ♦ Supervising of preparation of the ISAP-database (Information System for the Approximation of Legislation) of summaries and explanatories of the precedent decisions of the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance for the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic in Czech language (since 1997 ongoing) ♦ Advisory work for Deutsche Stiftung für internationale rechtliche Zusammenarbeit e.V. (German foundation for international legal cooperation) in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Poland and Hungary in the area of harmonisation of national law to the law of the European Union, especially Member of the Working group for antitrust law by the Anti-Monopoly Office of the Slovak Republic (since 1992 - ongoing) ♦ Chairman of the Centre of European Studies, CEUS at the University of Aachen, a network for academic and research activities between the European universities with the emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe (since 1990 – ongoing) ♦ Attorney-at-Law specialized in International public and private Law and EC-Law admitted in Germany and Czech Republic (since 1993/1997)

Dr. Verny’s has specific experience in the following regions: Czech Republic (since 1990), Slovak Republic (since 990), Hungary (since 1991), Poland (since 1993), Bulgaria (since 1993), Romania (since 1994) Slovenia (since 1997) Croatia (since 1998), Estonia (since 1999), and Macedonia (since 2000).

Other relevant information: (e.g. Publications) Numerous publications (ca 120) on International, European and Central European law in the Federal Republic of Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

Dr. Verny joined CBA as associated Legal & Tax Expert in August 2015.


Languages spoken

English, German, Czech, Slovak, Russian


Prof. Dr. univ, Jean Monnet Professor for European Law, Dr. economicarium universitatis,, Master of European Sciences

Professional Achievements

Principal Adviser for Approximation of Law to the EU-Commission, Adviser to the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian and Estonian Government in European Affairs, Who is Who in European Studies.

Years in Advisory: 27

Accompanied & accomplished deals: 170

Total Transaction Volume: EUR 366,000,000

Personal Achievements

Director of the Board of Directors of the Valerian Arsène Verny Literaturstiftung für Kinder und Jugendliche im Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Literature Foundation for Children and Adolescents in the Foundation Association of the German Science)

Office Locations
SlovakiaCzech RepublicGermany