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'Autohaus' directly translated means 'Car Building'. Porsche builds high-rise buildings with elevators for cars. Other companies also use their brand to sell apartments. For buyers, the properties are an expensive pleasure.

Stuttgart, April 10, 2020 - Every child knows that Porsche builds fast sports cars. That there are also sunglasses, watches and suitcases with the company logo, at least car-savvy men know. But high-rise buildings? This is relatively new, although the second "Porsche Design Tower" is currently being built in Stuttgart. In Miami there is already one, with 60 floors and 132 luxury apartments directly on the beach. And with three (!) elevators that transport the rich buyers together with their cars up to the living room, where they can park their sledges. If desired, also in a glass garage, in view of the fitted kitchen "Porsche P 3740" for about 100 000 Euro.

Sounds extravagant to crazy. But among the very, very rich people of this world are a phenomenon that has been well established for a long time: Branded Residences. Freely translated this means: living in a brand. Or, as residents in Florida call out to their friends: Come visit me in a Porsche.

Almost every apartment is equipped with a pool and an outdoor kitchen on the balcony. The service includes a vehicle concierge, who washes and vacuums the good stuff if necessary. The drive-in penthouse on the top floor - the basis for negotiations is 30 million euros - was not yet sold when the 198-meter tower was opened in spring 2017.