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Business for Sale in Argentina: Ecological fuel handling equipment manufacturer

Business for Sale in Argentina: Ecological fuel handling equipment manufacturer

The company is a leader in liquid fuel management, monitoring and control solutions for the safe and efficient handling of fluids at the commercial and retail points of consumption.

26 employees work with manufacturing operations in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina and sales in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and other Latin American Countries. Manufacturing facilities are strategically located nearby the main highway running across the City of Buenos Aires which facilitates logistics and contact with clients. The market, since this is a niche market, there is not much space for other companies to challenge the share held by the seller, if the customers are satisfied at a reasonable price.

Two powerful drives are present in the market served by the company:

Environmental concerns
Most of the old installations are outdated in their designs and under the risks of fuel spills. The oil companies are then in the need of permanently refurbishing their service station networks. Plans for updates are being put together by oil companies every year on an annual basis.

Land is steadily increasing in value
In populated areas service stations are poorly competing for the land with the real estate business, and considering moving to the outskirts, where land is cheaper and roomier. Therefore, construction of new sites will continue to be on a high demand in the future.

160 plus products are offered to the constructors of service stations, 75% of them are designed and manufactured by the company.

The company is ISO-9001 – 2008 certified, to ensure that the highest levels of quality are maintained from concept through the entire product life cycle.

Core Competencies: Advising for the best components for a given layout demanded by contractors. Minimising the time between the broad lines of a project and the fulfilment of a final order. Quick design of sudden changes in needs of oil companies for their downstream operations.