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Cross-border Executive Search - a service by CBA Cross Border Associates

Cross-border Executive Search - a service by CBA Cross Border Associates

CBA provides professional executive search and headhunting services across most sectors, offering its clients years of recruitment experience across borders and is therefore well placed to advise them on the best methods to approach recruitment projects. The main sectors that CBA recruit in would be: Engineering, Environment, Financials, FMCG, Industry, Legal, Mergers & Acquisitions, Pharmaceutical, I.T.., Service Industries, Technology & Telecommunications.

The objective of each search assignment is to provide client organisations with suitably qualified executives to fill a position in the client’s organisation. To do this effectively we will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the client’s organisation, the role to be filled and experience and qualities required by the person to fit the role and the client company’s culture.
  • Identify target organisations in which suitably qualified potential candidates are likely to be found, and approach the individuals who appear to meet the requirements of the role.
  • Meet and evaluate interested potential candidates to establish their suitability for the client company and the position and introduce the most suitable candidates to the client.

When the selection has been made, CBA will take up references in respect of the successful candidate if asked to do so, and provide advice to the client on framing the offer of employment.

Upon completion of the assignment, CBA will remain in contact with the client and successful candidate to help with the on-boarding to ensure a successful outcome to the recruitment process for both parties.

Martin Hamilton heads up CBA Executive Search from his base in Germany. He was educated at London University graduating with final degree in Education. He moved into the recruitment industry in 1984 where he has spent the last 28 successful years, recruiting at the highest levels and in a variety of markets across Germany and the rest of Europe. He has also recruited in Hong Kong, Canada, Russia and on Singapore.

Martin has been living and working in Germany since 1992 and speaks fluent German. He joined CBA in January 2017 as Consulting Professional in cross-border Executive Search.

To discuss your global recruitment needs please get in touch with him at