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Adventure Park, Camping and Bungalow Area

Country: Turkey Turkey
City: Nefes
Location: Countryside
Category: 4 stars
Hotel type: Vacation Club
Transaction Type: 100% Asset Sale
Target Areas: European Union, ME (Middle East countries)

Hospitality Review / Short Description:

In Nefes, Turkey's largest open air natural life centre , the sun rises to greet the day and sets behind the camp fire, while joyful laughter echoes under the moon and stars.
In Nefes, our passion for nature is evident in every breath we take. We take pride in providing our customers from all over the world with the comfort of nature's miracles. Our capacity of 5000 people ensures that everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature.
Nefes is a breath taking natural attraction with its stunning lake and forest vistas that draws many visitors . Located at the base of Uluda ğ , just 8 km from Nilüfer district, the gem of Bursa, we offer our guests the chance to immerse
themselves in the beauty of nature on our sprawling 327 hectare re property in Da ğ yenice.

We combine the wonders of nature with a unique comfort in their purest form and provide them in endless comfort tailored to your needs. Our offerings include
-Glamping (34 pieces)
-Express bungalow (32 units of 30m²)
-2 Restaurants
-Caravan park
-Adventure park

Amenities / Facilities

Restaurant(s): 2
Adventure Park, Camping and Bungalow Area
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