India: Deal street hit a high in 2016; M&As jumped 97% YoY to beat 2007 record

January 16, 2017


NEW DELHI: Calendar 2016 was a year of big-sized merger and acquisition (M&A) deals for India Inc, with data showing a record high $72 billion worth of agreements during the year, even as the number of deals stood the same as in 2015.

At $72.4 billion, M&A deals rose 97.10 per cent in 2016 compared with those in 2015. The M&As announced in 2016 beat the record of $67 billion deals announced in 2007, thanks to 15 M&A deals of $1 billion or above during the year by. There were only four deals of this size in 2015.

Among the transactions announced, $33.1 billion worth of deals have already been executed. This is 9.6 per cent higher year on year in value terms ($30.2 billion in 2015), even though the number of completed deals fell 9.4 per cent. Read more

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