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Business Wanted
Manufacturing process designing companies

Mandate ID: IN-9-MAG-11--2
Transaction Type:
Business Wanted

Industry: Automotive

Sector: Automotive production


Country of Origin: Japan |

Target Countries: India

Business Review

Buyer is looking for a company that can design welding processes of automobile production. The target company does not need to be a producer of those robots and other production machines.
- The target company's business model must include;
1) Design layout of the production lines and conduct simulation for their clients (automotive manufacturers) on the wielding process of automotive manufacturing.
2) Procure necessary machines and robots for the welding process and assemble & place them in the designed layout to complete the production line
3) Conduct robot teaching and set up machines, check operations and make any revision necessary to complete the whole welding system of automobiles
- The target company must be in either Manesar or Gujarat, India.

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