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New buyer mandate: Company manufacturing and distributing medical devices and disposables

The buyer is currently focussed on acquiring medical supplies businesses that sell disposables, devices, hospital supplies, diagnostic and laboratory supplies. The wider the range of products the better.

Buyer is looking to acquire companies in Europe. Priority are companies in Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal, as well as Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Ideally the minimum EBITDA would be €2 million, but Buyer is flexible and is willing to consider restructures and turnarounds. In general, buyer will consider a range of companies in the sector and potential "diamonds in the rough" are always of interest.

Buyer prefers companies with a blend of manufacturing (external and internal) and distribution and will also look at pure distributors and will favour those with a wider product range and good market positions. Direct distribution to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc is the most important attribute. Buyer needs to see also distributors to enable examination for strategic and operating fit.