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Park project for spa hotel, condo-hotel and bio-thermal in Tuscany

Commercial Real Estate

The company owns the following assets:

1. 15 hectares ( 37 acres ) of land in the earth of Tuscany’s most prestigious country side.

2. Spring of warm thermal water including the right to use it for thermal and SPA treatments.

3. A building permit for a SPA hotel of 6.600 square meters ( about 71.000 square feet ) for a total of 100 rooms/suites, plus service areas like restaurant, panoramic pools and treatments areas.

4. A building permit for a Condo Hotel of 5.000 square meters ( about 54.000 square feet ) for apartments ( 60 beds ), with private thermal pool.

5. A building permit for a bio-thermal park open to public for daily use. The building permit is for 3.500 square meters ( about 38.000 square feet ), restaurant and bar, and treatment suites plus pools and water course.

6. Concession by the Ministry of Health that makes the thermal treatments eligible for public health subsidies to consumer that get a prescription for thermal treatments.

7. A clinical study by the University of Pavia certifying the health benefits of thermal treatments with the water owned by the company.

The Maremma area in Tuscany is one of the interesting Italian regions. Rich in natural resources as well as in arts and historical sites. It has a number of areas still to be discovered.

The project is positioned within the Tuscan world of hospitality, market segment of consolidated worldwide awareness and success Within such world of hospitality, a big share of the market is held by the so called SPA segment which still offers huge growth opportunities.

Saturnia is known all over the world as “the Tuscan place” for spas and wellness resorts.

Our entire project does guarantee the most modern approach providing for a worldwide quite unique combination of landscape, architecture, environment friendly solutions, thermal waters and care.

The project can be developed and carried out in three different phases 1 bio-thermal park 2 SPA hotel 3 SPA hotel/apartments

Siena / Italy Italy
Asking Price: EUR
Transaction: 100% asset sale
Commercial Real Estate > Park project for spa hotel, condo-hotel and bio-thermal in Tuscany
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