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House for sale in Gurugu near Madrid


Gurugu in Alcalá de Henares is a tranquil residential area situated near Madrid. Compared to the bustling capital city, Gurugu offers a more relaxed atmosphere and less dense population. The neighbourhood is characterized by its green spaces and proximity to nature, making it a popular choice for families and those seeking to escape the city's hustle and bustle. In contrast to Madrid, Gurugu often provides more spacious apartments or houses at more affordable prices. Cost of living here can be lower, which is attractive to many, especially those looking for a better quality of life. However, infrastructure in Gurugu is well-developed, with access to public transportation, shops, and schools.

While Gurugu may not have the same cosmopolitan atmosphere as Madrid, it still offers residents good connectivity to the capital. Many residents commute to Madrid daily, whether for work or leisure activities. The proximity to Madrid allows Gurugu residents to take advantage of the city's employment and recreational opportunities while living in a quieter environment.

Overall, Gurugu in Alcalá de Henares provides an attractive alternative to the hectic lifestyle of the capital city, with a focus on tranquillity, nature, and a pleasant way of life.

Alcalá de Henares / Spain Spain
Asking Price: EUR 796.000
Transaction: 100% asset sale
Year of Construction: 1987
Status: well maintained, constantly renovated
Renovated last: 2023
Floor Space: 537.53 m²
Nº of Floors: 2
Plot Size: 1.875 m²
Nº of Living Rooms: 1
Size of Living Rooms: 75 m²
Nº of Bedrooms: 6
Size of Bedrooms: 35 m²
Nº of Bathrooms: 3
Garage, Outside Parking Area
Central Heating, Oil Heating
House Technique:
Air Conditioning
Courtyard, Garden, Outdoor Bar/Kitchen, Terrace, Wintergarden
Sports & Entertainment:
Scenic View
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