"After having spent a professional lifetime as an international business consultant on five continents, working in support of corporations, governments, financial institutions and family-owned companies, I clearly see that working with CBA means True Global Presence + True Local Action - to the benefit of clients anywhere in the world. Teaming up with CBA definitely enhances the global reach of any seasoned M&A specialist and business adviser."

Jürgen Schlichting
Lucerne, Switzerland

"Our office is pleased to have joined the CBA network, because it gives the office and its clients a global view on business opportunities and provides a healthy environment to examine business opportunities for the clients of the office. We do think that global interaction with mind like orientated people is the base of forming a successful business environment for the members and its users."

Žiga Stamenković
Maribor, Slovenia

“This is an excellent network of high caliber professionals. I have joined by invitation as the Cyprus Legal and Tax Expert and all my expectations have been surpassed”.

Michalis Zambartas
Nicosia, Cyprus

"I joined CBA Cross Border Associates, because I know the CEO for nearly half a century, worked with him on various projects, and know what he is capable of. Creating a 'glocal' network and alliance of business professionals as base for cooperation on cross-border business transactions is outstanding. The new website reflects what vision and attitude can change!"

Dr.-Ing. Edmund H. Wagner
Wiesbaden, Germany

“As a modern business law firm CONFIDENCE is proud to be exclusive CBA member in Lithuania. This both strengthens our international presence and opens new cooperation opportunities with professionals from all over the world. Best results for clients can be achieved only when they can trust that they are getting the best possible advice and service. All this is made possible by CBA.”

Dr. Paulius Miliauskas
Vilnius, Lithuania

“The reason to came across CBA is to be a worldwide professional and interact with colleague of all the world with the scope of an international sharing of my main areas of practice: tax litigation, M&A, corporate finance, business evaluation, due diligence, corporate law, tax planning, corporate balance sheet, ITA GAAP and IFRS, most of which is required in M&A and other transactions. I see interesting service mandates coming through the CBA network and Associates from more than 60 countries on five continents.”

Francois Gualtieri
Milan, Italy

“There is a high need for a serious professional platform, where consulting professionals meet with investors and find investment opportunities as well. I am very happy having found and joined such a platform.“

Dr. Gregory Gettinger
Vienna, Austria

"Cross Border Associates (CBA) is one of the world's largest international alliance of business advisers, legal and tax experts, professional consultants and entrepreneurs focused exclusively on cross-border business transactions."

Edvards Merhels
Riga, Latvia
The Glocal Connection
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