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Business for Sale
5-star hotel in Rabat, Morocco

Mandate ID: DE-1-GKA-22-1709-1
Transaction Type:
Business for Sale

Industry: Hospitality

Sector: Hotels

SIC Code: 70110300 HOTELS

Country of Origin: Morocco |

Target Areas: European Union, ME (Middle East countries), BRICS countries (emerging markets Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Latin America, North America, Central America, Maghreb

Business Review

The Hotel remains a true sanctuary, literally located adjacent to two of the most recognised monuments within the Kingdom, the Hassan Tower and the mausoleum of the late King Mohamed V.

Hotel with 200 rooms
hotel services
Financial Information

Asking Price: EUR 23,400,000


Only five minutes from the centre of the capital, with a panoramic view on the Bouregreg River, the city of Salé and the Atlantic Ocean.

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