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Business for Sale

Pharma distributor in Argentina

Mandate ID: AR-2-GGN-1-1908-1
Transaction Type:
Business for Sale

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Sector: Distributor


Country of Origin: Argentina | Argentina

Target Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Target Areas: BRICS countries (emerging markets Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Latin America, Mercosul, Worldwide

Business Review

Company with 20 years selling and distributing medicines and medical supplies, operating in the very lucrative niche of clinics and hospitals.


Most important products are disposable supplies (60% of the sale), medicines, antiseptics, alcohols, peroxide liquids, developer and radio-graphic fixative papers for electrocardiograms, papers for drying hands, dis-carders for needles and cutting elements, products and stents for cardiology, colostomy bags, Ileostomy coffins, powdered milk for premature babies, test strips, parental solutions.

Financial Information

Revenue 2018: USD 2,500,000

EBITDA 2018: USD 445,000

Price: USD 2,500,000

Revenue Multiple 2018: 1.00

EBITDA Multiple 2018: 5.62


Very active player in the niche of sales of medicines, disposable and other medical supplies to public and private hospitals and clinics . Based in Buenos Aires city, distributes to all Argentine provinces and Paraguay also, fulfils all national regulations required to operate, and sells products under its own brand, and also other recognised brands.

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