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Business for Sale

Smart Building Project

Mandate ID: PL-5-MZW-1-2308-1
Transaction Type:
Business for Sale

Industry: Smart Building / BMS / EMS

Country of Origin: Poland | Poland

Target Areas: European Union

Business for Sale > Smart Building Project

Business Review

Due to a change in business strategy, the company decided to focus on the development of its core business, i.e. industrial automation, robotics and advanced solutions related to Industry 4.0.
The company plans to spin off an organised part of the business that specialises in advanced solutions for building management and energy efficiency (Project Smart Building). Subsequently, the company is interested in selling Project Smart Building to an investor, who will further develop and scale it.

Investment Rationale:
The Smart Building Project's value proposition lies in its ability to capitalise on the growing market demand for energy-efficient, technologically advanced buildings, driven by government laws and
regulations (i.a. ESG), as well as the potential for significant cost savings in energy consumption and manpower.

The global smart building market is experiencing exponential growth, driven by the increasing demand for energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. According to a study by the Polaris agency, the global value of the smart buildings market in 2030 could reach as much as $173 billion, which would represent an increase of more than $100 billion compared to 2021.

The adoption of smart building system (incl. BMS and EMS) is gaining traction, as businesses and property owners recognize the benefits of reducing energy consumption, enhancing occupant comfort, and improving operational efficiency.


Project Smart Building is a platform which offers a variety of growth opportunities in an attractive smart building market.
[BMS] Searching for fool-proof software to fully automate processes and implement cost savings and efficiently manage an infrastructure or facility presents a challenge for any manager. To this end, we have developed our BMS (Building Management System) solution platform. This innovative and award-winning platform lets you comprehensively manage a building, a neighbourhood, a factory or even an entire city. Thanks to BMS, enterprises and companies can optimize their processes obtaining measurable benefits and save up to several percent of the value of energy expenditure during the year. The scale of applications of the system and its universal nature mean that it can be used by both private entities and industrial plants computerizing their manufacturing processes. The nature of system savings is not only limited to the consumption of utilities, but also
to financial benefits related to security, information flow or monitoring.

[EMS] EMS (Energy Management System) is software for monitoring electricity, gas, water and heat consumption. With the smart algorithms the platform leverages, you can save on electricity and utility bills incurred by your business, factory or residential building. EMS is compatible with industrial and building automation systems or operates on its own. This system is the winner of special awards: for an ICT product and a prize awarded by the Minister of Development and Technology in the Polish Product of the Future competition.

[RBS] RBS (Room Booking System) is an efficient and user-friendly software solution designed to streamline the process of booking rooms in various settings, such as hotels, conference centres, coworking spaces, or educational institutions. It offers a convenient and centralized platform for managing room availability, reservations, and associated services.

[WLS] WLS (Warehouse Logistics System) is a cutting-edge software solution designed to optimize warehouse logistics by automating and streamlining the process of reading and capturing license plate numbers from vehicles entering or exiting the facility. This system offers several key benefits to improve efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations.

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