Business Summary
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Capital Raising
Basalt fibre and construction profiles manufacturing

Mandate ID: AM-1-ASA-5-2009-3
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Manufacturing

Sector: Basalt fibre


Country of Origin: Armenia |

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

Company has decided to launch a new large expansion program and establish its own continuous basalt fibre production, where the same basalt crashed stone will be used as a raw material. Fibre will be used for various production of construction profiles (pultrusion technology)

Basalt fibre and composite profiles
Financial Information

Capital / Loan Requirements: EUR 8,445,000


Company is looking for $10M debt or equity ivestment. Net present value of the project (calculated for $10M investment and 8 year loan with 8% annual interest and 1 year principal repayment grace period) is $26,9M at the discount rate 10%.
Internal rate of return (IRR) is 54 %.
PI is 3,4.
Payback period – 2 years and 4 months.

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