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Capital Raising

Nordic Telecom SaaS company (AI/ML/IMPACT/5G)

Mandate ID: FI-3-JSO-1-2311-3
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Telecom


Country of Origin: Finland | Finland

Target Areas: Worldwide

Capital Raising > Nordic Telecom SaaS company (AI/ML/IMPACT/5G)

Business Review

Meet a game-changing solution set to transform the telecom tower-as-a-service landscape. Harnessing AI, ML, Impact and 5G, it empowers tower providers to slash electricity bills by 20-40 %. Through 'Dynamic Energy Balancing', towers optimize battery usage during high-cost periods, and 'Grid Stability Assurance' mitigates unexpected energy surges. In the booming $50B global market, this opportunity isn’t just an impact solution – it's a ground breaking business strategy.

Delving deeper, company's prowess lies in 'Dynamic Energy Balancing', optimizing battery usage during peak pricing, and 'Grid Stability Assurance' to counteract unpredictable energy surges. Company model is refreshingly simple yet powerful: onboarding each tower site as-is, employing solutions proprietary ML service, and harnessing site-specific data to extract maximum energy savings. No new hardware or software purchases are required – company manages real-time data and actuation requests. Remarkably scalable, company approach promises a staggering 200 % ROI from the very first site, with immense growth potential as the company scale to thousands.

Based in Nordics company is steered by a robust team of 13, with a deep-rooted legacy in telecoms. Company strength lies in customizing their vast telecom knowledge to meet unique, under served customer needs. Since inception in 2019, company has invested 2.5M in R&D IPR, ensuring company product remains at the industry's forefront. Presently, monthly expenditure stands at 40k EUR, and to seize a significant market share – targeting 2000 towers at this stage – only envision this doubling.

Together, let's chart a new trajectory for tower services and reap the rewards of this transformational journey.


• Energy efficiency
• Operational cost savings
• Sustainability and carbon footprint reduction
• 200 % ROI

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