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Business for Sale

Carbon fibre production company for sale

Mandate ID: DE-19-BWA-9-1705-1
Transaction Type:
Business for Sale

Industry: Automomotive

Sector: Automobiles, airplanes, trains and ships

SIC Code: 22210501, 51310107 FIBERGLASS FABRICS

Country of Origin: Italy | Italy

Target Areas: European Union, BRICS countries (emerging markets Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)

Carbon fibre production company for sale

Business Review

Established in the mid 90’s, this is a European leading company in the design, prototyping and production of structural parts and components in carbon fibre and advanced composite materials. Products are used in automotive and aerospace industry. Examples: Racing and sport cars chassis production, body and structural panels for cars and planes, air ducts for planes and trains, engine frames, sport bicycle chassis, helicopter and aircraft's fuselages and doors.

Automotive and aeronautical customers based in Italy (eg. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alenia), Europe (Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes, Audi, Airbus), Japan (Toyota, Nissan)


Sports car chassis, panels for cars and planes, air ducts for trains and planes


Providing parts for the automobile, aircraft and alike industries

Financial Information

Revenue 2016: EUR 17,100,000

EBITDA 2016: EUR 2,650,000

Price: EUR 23,500,000

Revenue Multiple 2016: 1.37

EBITDA Multiple 2016: 8.87


Operational strengths: Technology-driven company with highly specialised engineering and manufacturing workforce. Vertically integrated: design, tooling, manufacturing and finishing.

Company went through a turnaround and has large growth potential (24 autoclaves, white rooms etc.).

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