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Capital Raising

Fire safety and extinguisher electronics company

Mandate ID: TR-1-GAC-2-2109-3
Transaction Type:
Capital Raising

Industry: Electronics

Sector: Fire safety products and fire extinguishers


Country of Origin: Turkey | Turkey

Target Areas: European Union, ME (Middle East countries), Central Europe, Eastern Europe, MENA

Fire safety and extinguisher electronics company

Business Review

Number of Employees: 11 Blue Collar – 23 White Collar
Customer Profile: Dealers selling fire safety products, country distributors, and direct project customers (Hotels, Shopping Malls, Commercial Buildings, etc.)
Reason for Raising Capital: Strategic investors will finance the targeted rapid growth thanks to 3 new product line investments. The investor would bring synergies and support the goal of becoming a regional player.
Important information: Manufacturer of 6 mechanical fire extinguishing systems with LPCB certificates, 35 in-house developed DEDAL – CE certified electronic system + software, 2 BSM and CRM software, Production of 43 products, 4 of which are patented + 44 LPCB certified, a total of *213 product portfolio, Subscription income from own branded systems running in 5000+ locations, 3 brands -10 years of branding investment,
What makes the business special: *23 White-collar (engineers and technicians) and R&D investments, Patented, LPCB certified fire extinguishing systems, 4 patents, 3 utility model/design registrations, and 22 trademark registrations,


43 products, 4 of which are patented + 44 LPCB certified, a total of 213 product portfolio,


Engineering, intallation

Financial Information

Capital required: EUR 1,000,000


Why it is an Excellent Investment Opportunity?
*Guaranteed turnover (additional 2 Million USD turnover from pending projects)
*3 high ROI and rapid growth projects ready to be monetized thanks to R&D
*Rapid global growth with 28 authorized distributors in Turkey and 32 abroad
*High ROI with 5 Million+ USD free cash flow target within the next 5 years

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