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Corporate Real Estate

Granite land for sale

Mandate ID: IN-16-RSR-4-2208-6
Transaction Type:
Corporate Real Estate

Industry: Real Estate

Sector: Granite land for sale


Country of Origin: India | India

Target Countries: India

Target Areas: BRICS countries (emerging markets Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Worldwide

Business Review

The property is 902,449 square meters and has got a total volume of Pink Granite deposit which is estimated at about 2,40,00,000 cubic meters. Out of this, the mineable reserve is 6,000,000 cubic meters which is valued at a sum of US$ 950 Million. (Geology Survey Report and the Valuation report will be available upon request).

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Pink granite

Financial Information

Price: USD 320000000


 The property of 223 Acres has got total volume of Pink Granite deposit is estimated about 2,40,00,000 cubic Meters.
 Out of this Mineable reserve is 60 lakh cubic meters. Worth of Rs. 7500/- crores (Indian Rupees Seven Thousand Five hundred Crores only) and equal to US$ 178,370,000. (on the basis of Geology Report and Valuation Report).
 The property owned by 5 members of the same family and representing them by a single registered GPA holder

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