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Start Up

Start-up for oil spill treatment

Mandate ID: IT-6-RBS-1-2009-5
Transaction Type:
Start Up

Industry: Oil spill treatment

Sector: Environment


Country of Origin: Italy | Italy

Target Areas: Worldwide

Business Review

This Italian start-up has developed an international patent related to an innovative absorbing technology for hydrocarbons and derivatives. After several positive tests and after the successful application of the product to concrete cases, the company has decided to commercialise its solution on a global scale starting 2019.

To sustain the company in the exponential growth of its activities, the company’s management (which is also the owner of the company) is looking for a technical-financial partner that, in addition to contributing with a financial investment to support initial investments, will help the company in its commercial development, mainly in the search for new customers.

Request of the management / shareholder is an investment of approximately EUR 4 million for a relevant minority stake in the company but entry of a majority partner could also be considered.

Company's governance as well as relations with the majority shareholder (shareholders' agreements, exit strategies, ...) will be negotiated directly with the management.


Open cell Polyurethane foam


Providing oil spill treatment

Financial Information

Price: EUR 4,000,000


Open cell Polyurethane foam under the form of a sponge capable of absorbing oils, naphtha and diesel oil up to thirty times its own weight without soaking water. The sponge is then squeezed -recovering also the crude- and re-used.

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