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Žiga Stamenković
Žiga Stamenković
Maribor, Slovenia

"Our office is pleased to have joined the CBA network, because it gives the office and its clients a global view on business opportunities and provides a healthy environment to examine business opportunities for the clients of the office. We do think that global interaction with mind like orientated people is the base of forming a successful business environment for the members and its users."

Michalis Zambartas
Michalis Zambartas
Nicosia, Cyprus

“This is an excellent network of high caliber professionals. I have joined by invitation as the Cyprus Legal and Tax Expert and all my expectations have been surpassed”.

Dr.-Ing. Edmund H. Wagner
Dr.-Ing. Edmund H. Wagner
Wiesbaden, Germany

"I joined CBA Cross Border Associates, because I know the CEO for nearly half a century, worked with him on various projects, and know what he is capable of. Creating a 'glocal' network and alliance of business professionals as base for cooperation on cross-border business transactions is outstanding. The new website reflects what vision and attitude can change!"