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Capital to be raised for SynFuel business: Study of the Utilization of Unique CO2 Process

by Dr.-Ing. Edmund Wagner Over the last 20 to 25 years, CO2 has become familiar as a greenhouse gas (‘climate killer’) that is expected to raise average temperatures on earth between 2 to 10 degrees in the next fifty to one hundred years (cf. reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the […]

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Challenges in the Global Automotive Market

Over the past years, the automotive industry has been showing steady market growth despite challenges. Global automotive car sales growth continued to run 89.5 million in 2015, with Europe recovering, and China, India and the US managing record sales. This figure is expected to rise to 100 million shortly. There are only a handful of […]

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Alan Royal from Chicago, United States recently joined CBA

Alan Royal is a Fortune 500 Operations and Technology Visionary. With degrees in Bachelors Computer Science & Information Systems, Bachelors Accounting, Bachelors Business Administration, Masters Emerging Market Management Practice, Alan has exceptional vision and execution, is a digital commerce thought leader, among others in leading enterprise technology operations, and in insurance/financial sectors. Alan Royal is […]

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China First Capital: Chinese firms struggle to get M&A capital

Very good interview on CBNC: China First Capital's Peter Fuhrman says China's capital market makes it difficult for domestic firms to readily access the cash needed for M&A. With 2016 half over, China remains poised between its promising future and a more troubling, and troubled past and present. The larger questions are coming into more […]

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CBA Cross Border Associates now also in New Zealand

CBA Cross Border Associates is a global network of independent M&A Advisers, Legal and Tax Experts, and Consulting Professionals, with currently 112 Specialists in 64 countries. The latest partner that joined CBA on June 16th, 2016 was Murray Robert Fulton from New Zealand. Welcome on Board: Go Back

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The Modern Day Board “Professional, Results Orientated, Data Analyt-ical, Decision Body with Respect, Trust and Candour”

Over time, good-governance advocates have developed no shortage of remedies for failures of governance at businesses. However, good and bad companies alike have already adopted most of those corporate practices but improvements are still needed at many Boards to improve shareholder value particularly in times of changing, competitive, global market conditions. The more “engaged form […]

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Chinese Investments Raise Eyebrows in Albania

Within the first four months of 2016, Chinese companies have acquired an interest in strategic sectors and significantly raised the level of international trade By Blerim Gjeladini, CBA Tirana Business ties between Albania and China are strengthening as Chinese companies acquire players in strategic sectors of the Albanian economy. In addition, China emerged as the […]

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Croatia - Turkey Business Forum 2016, Zagreb April 27, 2016

Croatia - Turkey Business Forum, organized April 27, 2016 in Zagreb by the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) and the Turkish Committee for International Economic Cooperation (DEIK), brought together more than 500 representatives of the leading Croatian and Turkish businessmen. Business Forum in Zagreb was also attended by Turkish delegation led by Turkish President Recep […]

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